1954 singer chain stitch sewing machine model 411g manual

1954 singer chain stitch sewing machine model 411g manual
Knowing nothing about sewing, I picked up a 411G on a flea market for 35€ on Saturday. I came home with mixed feelings, would the machine run, was it a good deal? I was just carried away by its looks, felt in the worst case the machine would be nice decoration and all the accessories should have some value on ebay. After I found your site and
The 401A, 403A, 411G, and 431Gs along with the 500A and the 503A (or the J version) are possibly some of my favorite Singer machines. There are a few more in this series as well, like the 401G and the 421G but I’ve honestly never laid hands on either of those models. These machines are all fundamentally the same with some small differences. They are all “Slant-O-Matics”, meaning that the
Sewing Machine SINGER 152-11 Instructions For Using And Adjusting Two needles and two loopers two-thread chain stitch (15 pages) Sewing Machine SINGER 15-91 Adjusters Manual
18/01/2013 · Singer 411G, Singer 401G and a Singer 401A Slant-O-Matic Singer machines I will have to do about one picture per little window here so this doesn’t crash – please be patient. I have a fascination with the Slant-O-Matic Singers.
I was still nervous about using this step up transformer so I talked to a couple of repair guys who have worked on sewing machines for a long time. From one guy we heard the history of Singer and I got to go in the back and see a sewing machine graveyard! There were machines stacked 5 high and 4 deep. There were machines rigged for treadles
22/07/2009 · Mine came with some stitch cams, a bunch of attachments, the zig zag stitch plate, straight stitch plate, darning plate and the chain stitch plate. The chain stitch is nice for quick basting when you don’t want or have the time to baste by hand. Besides being smooth stitchers these older Singer sewing machines are real eye candy. Some people
I just received two Singer sewing machines, a 401G and a 411G. I have the users manuals for both that came with the machines. I’ve checked many places online and can’t find parts manuals or adjusters manuals for either. Any place you know of that I might find …
02/09/2017 · Singer 431G Slant Shank Sewing Machine. 02 Sep 2017 27 Comments. by Offspring in Sewing Machine Reviews. The Singer 431G has been on my wish list for quite a few years now. I patiently waited for one to come within reach and finally managed to secure one for a decent price and at a distance possible for me to collect it in person. I took a bit of a chance with it as I didn’t manage to find
Sewing Machine Fault Finder Sewing Machine Tension Problems. The Singer Model 24 Chain Stitch. Most of us know the name Singer but few are aware of his amazing life story, his rags to riches journey from a little runaway to one of the richest men of his age.
Singer 400 Series Model Descriptions; A Card Table for the 400 Series; 411G Manual (5.3 MB) “World’s first automatic that produces not only the conventional lock stitch, but also a single thread chain stitch which can be used for basting seams . . .”

23/11/2017 · Singer 401g I currently have two Singer 411g’s. “Warhorse”, which arrived first, had been dropped and damaged. I did a motor repair, which failed and the machine is now treadle only. That one has had a long, hard life, but is very free running and still precise in the way it sews. My second 411…
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1960 era – Little Singer Sewing Gal.mine was bright red, held material and machine down with left hand, cranked a chain stitch out by turning wheel with right hand. Started by making doll clothes. My mom taught me to sew on a singer sewing machine when I was ten. I still love to sew today,thanks mom.
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The machine comes with a thread spreading mechanism and an adjustable needle guard to prevent stitch skipping. The thread clamp mechanism, tension release mechanism and needle thread draw-out mechanism enable the machine to leave thread of a uniform length after thread trimming, and prevent slip-off of the needle thread.
The Rocketeer-style machines are sharp looking and are a great machine, but the 600e has the chain-stitch basting feature, smoother thread feed, and wind-in place bobbin. – is a great price for a 500, but be prepared to pay for servicing if it’s been sitting unused for a while. Hope this helps! Barbara
I can live with having to buy Singer ball point needles for this machine. Organ universal needles work fine in this machine for sewing woven fabrics, which is good, since they are cheap and I have a lot of them. Another reason I wanted a 411G is that it chain stitches (if you have the chain stitch …
The decal on the neck says Singer Sewing Machine rebuilt by Lawrence M. Singer model 31-15 industrial machine. Made in 1938. It has a 11″ throat space. I have it set up in my table for quilting. Well worn machine but sews great. The decal on the neck says Singer Sewing Machine rebuilt by Lawrence M. Stein Company, Chicago. See more
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The 421G is a free arm machine, like the 431G. From what I gather, the 421G and the 431G are similar, except the 431G can do a chain stitch, and the 421G can’t. I think that this matches the similarity of the 401G and the 411G machines. There’s a neat storage compartment in the bed of the machine.

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11/10/2016 · Chainstitching on a German 4×1 series machine (401G, 411G, 431G) and what it takes to make the North American equivalent machines chain. Includes part …
Singer sewing machine model A2401 is a battery operated chain stitch machine. Perfect for beginners age 6 and up, it has a tension dial, foot pedal, storage compartment, working light and a sewing box kit.
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Elena, Lots of good tips here for chainstitch – many thanks. I haven’t used the Marutzen/Jaguar chain stitch system, but I have got a Singer 411g – the generally all round great machine that does chain stitch using a modified needle plate.

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TNT Repair is a good source for repair information and parts for many vintage Singer machines. The Singer 24 manual has additional tips for sewing with single thread chain stitches. You need three attachments to chain stitch with any 600 series Touch & Sew sewing machine. They are the chain stitch throat plate (part #21913 for zig-zag models OR
Singer Collectible Sewing Machines. It’s not uncommon to display an older sewing machine or use one as a piece of furniture in a home. Singer sewing machines have been manufactured since the middle of the 19th century. With so much history, there are many models old enough to be considered antiques, that is to say, they are more than a century old.
14/08/2015 · This video shows how to thread a Singer 411G for chain stitching.
wish people knew how to package sewing machines for shipment! While I don’t have a manual for the 411 (yet), the original Singer manual I have for my 431 does indeed have a section on chainstitching (pages 19 – 24). Apparently, all you have to do is: 1) remove the regular throat plate and bobbin 2) insert the chain stitch throat plate, and
Having a Singer 411G, I just stumbled across your fabulous blog on vintage sewing machines in quest of a solution to my problem. It seems that the bobbin winder tire of my machine does not work any more, i.e. bobbins put onto it would not spin because the …
18/07/2003 · A Sewing Machine review for a Singer Sewing Machine 431G reviewed by Pheba. Serger, embroidery machine & sewing machine reviews from the PatternReview.com sewing community help you choose the right sewing machine for your needs.

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