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Best Karaoke In Ottawa Awards

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DOG & PONY sound
BEST KARAOKE Company in Ottawa!

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DOG & PONY sound
BEST KARAOKE Company in Ottawa

If a picture is worth a thousand words then perhaps our DOG & PONY Pals Page is our greatest testament; photos of the hundreds of people who sing and play with us.

but... words are pretty lovely too!
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"DOG & PONY Sound has great hosts, a huge selection of music, and an amazingly well organized song book. I also love the web site. It's very user friendly, well organized, informative, and a lot of fun. The DOG & PONY Pals is a super idea. It's a great way to show your appreciation for your clientelle, and we do feel appreciated."
~Brian Caldwell

"I've always admired DOG & PONY's ability to work a room and inspire confidence in reluctant singers. They truly have brought a sense of community, camaraderie, and friendship to the world of karaoke, and I am proud to associate with their efforts."

~Adam Goldberg

"DOG & PONY is by far the BEST karaoke I've ever seen. From Tallahassee, Florida to Victoria, BC. I've done a lot of karaoke and DOG & PONY has proven time and again to provide superior service and sound."
~Christian Lafrance

"... Yes, I admit that I work for one of the competition but...

DOG & PONY, you are, BY ALL MEANS, the BEST ALL AROUND. .... you are the greatest people I've ever met. With all the things I've seen you do, and how much you share with others, how you can so easily read people and make it so easy to talk about ANYTHING, how you get involved with any community... It's so hard to describe how much dedication you show for people you care for, as well as the people you don't even know exist, but you're doing it for them anyway. "

~Scotty Buckley

"I love how you guys make good singers sound great and the bad singers sound good! You are always mixing the sound for everyone.

I go to a lot of karaoke shows and have never seen anyone else take the kind of care that you do! It sounds great!"

~Dan Bertrand

nominated for

"Simply put, the most fun, professional, put together Karaoke service I have ever encountered. Great sound. Professional handling of the rotation. Great selection. Warm relations with the patrons. Willing to go the extra mile. Best kit packaging of their 'book' for the singers. Great online support in their web page.

10.0 from six judges, and no media second guessing."

~Mike Heffernan

"Great Time! Great Voices! Great Team! Great Friends!... One of my great joys (as is probably yours) is to see some of the great NEW talent coming out at the shows!! You (and we) have come a long way and I'd like to say that I am proud and happy to have been a part of it all!! Thanks!! You really are special people"

~ Pierre (Petey) Perrier

            "The Best Karaoke Party in Ottawa!!!"
~Scotty Porter

"You guys have a real class act!! You have taken Karaoke
to the next level!!"

~ Penny Arsenault

          "Your sound system & quality of tracks are SUPERIOR. What fun, what fun!"

~ Dean Adema

"I've been to karaoke shows all across Canada and you guys are the best I've ever seen!"

~ Kathy Logan

"... I have never experienced the fairness that Danni and Christopher provide during their shows. ... If you have not experienced a night with
DOG & PONY you are missing out."
~Mikey. G

"We've been everywhere in the city (trust us on this one) and not only are your DJs great and your songbook wonderful, but you guys put on a great show. Great rotation, great fun and great entertainment...Great!
~Monique L'Heureux

" Great Djs who really make the whole show rock! Great singers, great selection, great venues - certainly a damn good time!"
~Neal Bouffard

DOG & PONY - the friendly, feel-good karaoke"
~Aalya Ahmad

DOG & PONY is for karaoke what Salman Rushdie is for the English language "
~Aleksandar Jocic

"Wonderful! The BEST karaoke I have ever been to! Rock on y'all"
~Lisa Ransom

DOG & PONY is the greatest karaoke company in Ottawa!"
~Tonya Reynolds-Jessia

"This place rocks! Everyone is a SUPERSTAR!"
~Morgan Hanna

"More songs you can sing than your average shower time!"
~Steve Field

Fun Fun Fun - Great System - 1000's of songs!"
~Judy Marriner

"Great friendly service. Well set up."

"Jesus, I love your book. I've never seen a more organized book!"
~Liam Nicolson

"The most fun to be had...anywhere...anytime! "
~Delaney Hinds

I'd rather go to a karaoke where I *know* the sound, atmosphere etc is the bestest of bestest quality, and you guys are da bomb baby!! "
~Alison Wilson

DOG & PONY Sound! They're so neat! I'd follow them anywhere!"
~Mike E. McFee

"This is a frightening amount of fun!"
~Ian McLeod

"The Best! The best Karaoke guys in the Capital!"
~Dan Poirier

~Steve Curtis

"...loads of fun!!"
~Dann Oickle

"You guys (and gals) are the absolute greatest!"
~Larry Rouslar

"Very Cool hosts!! Talented & polite!! Very professional!!!"
~DeeDee Butters

"Babylon Rocks!!! We You Guys!!!"
~Sophie Merven

"A cozy environment, great play list and great dj's! I love it!"

"It's always fun singing karaoke when you have great people running it. Thank You."
~Jesse Presley

"Enjoyed the Show!! You people are nice to all the singers no matter how silly we sound!"
~Dean Mellway

"Great & Fun & Caring. Loved It!"

"DOG & PONY Rock the Fringe!"
~Ana Estable-Ferrero, Producer Ottawa Fringe Festival

"I've hosted karaoke a couple of times and go to karaoke constantly.
You two are the most dynamic hosts ever!"

~Matt Gill

"DOG & PONY Sound kicks bum!"
~Morris Rothman

"You guys are the Cat's Meow!

~Norm Yeatman

"I always enjoy your show!"
~Rick Smith

"I Love you guys! I just love you guys!" I come to your shows 'cause I know you guys'll be there. You two are the greatest!


~Red Dog

"Great Fun! A long play list of songs. You put me at ease."
~Ken Poirier

"I Loved It! was a total blast! Wow can you & your man work the mic on those songs!
~Steven Boucher

"The Best Karaoke hosts in Ottawa!!"
~Chris Gallant

"A Great Night! Great Show! Incredible Host!"
~Steve Gerro

"Great Show! "
~Alex Wisniowski, Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull 2002

"You are both absolutely dedicated individuals .... May DOG & PONY Sound continue to achieve the highest Karaoke standards for years to come."

~Martin Bertrand

"I've been around karaoke almost all of my life. I don't sing, but I enjoy the singers. In all my years of going to karaoke shows, I have never seen anyone like you two. You guys are the best I have ever seen! I come back every week just to watch you work!"


"One of the main reasons I come is because of DOG & PONY"

~Geordie Robertson

"DOG & PONY are so much fun! It's such a good place!"

~Lauren Cairns

"...sound is great! Books are spectacular, very informative ...lot's of fun guys!"
~Don Lecompte

"Yeah! Best repetoire in the biz! Friendliest hosts in town!"
~Don Cummer

"You're a blast!! Thanks for a great time!"
~Christopher Rastin

"Entertaining! We always have a good time..."
~Richard Scally

"Great Crowd! Great Fun!"
~Isabelle Lacroix

"The BEST!"
~Rob Stewart

"...customer appreciation and clientele have increased ten-fold!!"

~Robert Davitt  Owner, Original Cajun Attic

"Always very entertaining!"
~Richard Boisvenue  Manager, The GROOVE & Manhattan's, The LookOut,

"It's a wonderful evening!"
~Réjean Lalancette Fringe Fundraiser, The LookOut

"This is the best place ever! And so much fun!!!"
~Emily Waski

"Great Time! Great Fun! Can't wait till next time!"
~Don Maher

"Lovely hosts, a great enjoyable evening!"
~Ben Baziut

"You guys rock! I've had a great time!"

~Marc Fortin

"Love you both - Keep up the fantastic work!"

~ Jennifer Coulter

"Absolutely the intertwine between heart and emotion with respect...professionals at work confront the audience to play...a wonderful time..."~Robert Blais a.k.a. Bobby "B"

~Linda Robitaille

"...a great time! The host made us feel into it and she was having fun so we did too!"
~Claudia Ortz-Chiarelli

" awesome time! 15 minutes of fame!"
~Patricia Chiarelli

"This is the absolute best karaoke EVER! The variety is amazing, something to suit every taste."
~Les Hope

"Wednesdays are fun again because of DOG & PONY Karaoke! Always a good time - Lots of songs to do!"

"Great selection of music - the list never ends! Thanks for a great evening!"
~Kevin Barclay

"Great Music Selection - Spunky DJ!"
~Stacey Lyon

"You guys are awesome!! So much fun!."

"Great Play List AND DJ. I recommend them."
~Peter Callahan

"Great song selection. The DJ is pretty great too!"
~Lynn Chenier

"The best, very best selection in town. 2 thumbs up."
~Deb Maisonneuve

"Excellant sound system & fantastic Host at the RBP"
~Dave Crate

"DOG & PONY close to home?...AWESOME!"
~Jay Perger

"Rock On! Wicked Cool!"
~Jen Sell

DOG & PONY Rocks. Just like Metallica!"
~Rob Tremblay

"This was awesome. I may have sucked but people made it fun!"
~Jason Leroux

"Great Play List and DJ. Would recommend them."
~Peter Callahan

I love DOG & PONY! ...Greatest selection in town!"
~Jessica Gaffney

"DOG PONY has the BEST selection I've ever seen! Lotsa rare tunes."
~Don Ferguson

"I laughed, I cried, it was better than CATS!"
~Robbie Tupper

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