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"I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night And Party Every Day..." -Kiss

We are proud to provide professional karaoke services complete with sound engineer/ host for public venues, private parties, corporate events, government functions and various fundraising organizations.

Booking fun, professional, reliable entertainment is easy. Start with this handy dandy request-a-quote form.

Service Requirements: please check all that apply
karaoke dance music PA/emc/host
Event Information:
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single event recurring event                      private public
charity fundraiser                 work related non-work related  
Location Information:
rented hall office bar/club restaurant house/cottage
school outdoors other
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seating capacity of Guests
Additional Instructions, Comments, Questions:
Contact Information:
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*Special discounts available for DOG & PONY Pal Card holders
may apply discount up to twice per year.
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or call: (613) 820-2600                                    office hrs 2pm-2am daily

* No dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during any of our shows.


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