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We take your fun seriously™

provides professional karaoke services complete with sound engineer/ host for public venues, private parties and corporate events.

4 out of 5 doctors agree

is fortified with 100% of the recommended daily intake of fun!

So, how do we do it?

I mean, how can be sure that every single event is always great-tasting, less filling, and ultimately more satisfying???!?

Actually, there's no secret, but there is a system. And that system, plus a lot of hard work is what enables to bring you that high-quality, consistently refreshing karaoke event each time you open the door to one of our sponsoring venues.


ALL OF OUR KARAOKE PARTY PACKAGES INCLUDE: amplifier, mixer, speakers, mics & cables, feedback destroyer, compressor/limiter, video monitor, vocal effects bus, huge song library, and host/emc plus delivery, pickup, setup and teardown of all the above mentioned equipment. whew!

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We DO NOT rent karaoke machines, song libraries, individual disks, or equipment.

Want to learn more?

Our sound systems begin with the finest ingredients available. German engineered mixers & compressor lmiters, North American ingenuity in every amp & speaker, and cables designed specifically for Canada's harsh climate. Then, with all the care and dedication we can muster, we blend our ingredients with the purest of spring waters and a driving thumpa-thumpa backbeat.

Check out these awesome sub woofers

Complicated? Oh Definitely! And expensive, too!

But there is no other way we can be certain that the show that you attend is of the highest quality and best value.

Our karaoke music discs are shipped from special manufacturing plants in heavy-duty, cardboard containers to protect freshness. On arrival, everything is subject to careful inspection to make certain all of the materials meet 's exacting standards.

's bindery department produces many convenient song books with a large easy-to-read typeface (especially important in dimly lit venues or after several refreshing beverages).

Further, quality checks ensure the information is accurate,up to date and, at the very least, vaqguely comprehensible.

Finally, we have our own local distribution system designed to ensure the equipment needed to host an event arrives in optimum condition and on time. Whoa!

During the 20 (mumble mumble+) years we've been entertaining, we've created our own exacting quality standards which are monitored through constant taste testing to guarantee quality and consistency in all our shows.

* and... best of all... no dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during any of our shows.
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