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Sam "Samoyed"

Samoyed iscurrently
our private party host

samoyed"I really got into music during highschool around the time I realized that I didn't care what other people thought about what I enjoyed and just dived in.

My love of tunes developed and expanded with increasing numbers of nights that I spent burning through Youtube playlists by artist, perusing Soundcloud, 8-Tracks, and grooving to electric beats.

I still spend afternoons organizing and archiving discographies when all I feel like is some music. It's in me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

samoyedKaraoke was just another little shuffle into the zone of musical fun!

My first experience with Karaoke was at a wedding in which I knew all of two people in attendance and neither belonged to the bridal party. After dinner they had the DJ put on music and karaoke was available. In my inebriated state I was successfully pressured by the friend who had brought me to sing.

Sucking at AC/DC had never been more fun!

samoyedDog & Pony was a year down the road from that wedding, and I ended up at Swizzles on a Wednesday night with a good friend when we needed something fun during the week.

She told me it was karaoke, I said I was nervous to do it, so we ended up singing Black Betty together. I think that's the first time I had ever been on a stage with a microphone in my hand.

The karaoke crowd was amazing, the fun lasted until the morning, and I've been coming back ever since!

The other karaoke bars I've been to just don't compare to the atmosphere and energy of a Dog & Pony show.

      Dog&Pony4LIFE!"     -- Sam aka Samoyed

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