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Nick "Fuzzy Bear"

Catch a Fuzzy Bear
Fridays at
O'Brien's Pub
1145 Heron Rd.

My mother started my love of music when I was just two or three years old. She would play the guitar as we sang together. From there I absorbed my parents' varied musical tastes ranging from the Barenaked ladies, Peter, Paul and Mary, Bobby McFerrin, and Valdy. And every Sunday morning my dad played the complete works of the Beatles. A love of singing turned into a love of performing and most of my high school career was spent in the theatre.


One day my friends convinced me to come to the monthly karaoke at the onsite bar at Algonquin College where I was pursuing theatre. Following the program's “tradition” of going on stage and making fools of our selves; I went up and realized that karaoke gave me a rush similar to acting without the hours of prep and rehearsal plus all the backstage requirements are taken care of for you!

Fast forward 3 years, I graduated from Algonquin and was working in my field. Karaoke on campus was canceled in my second year there and I hadn't gone to another venue since (don't ask me why). Safe to say when my friends asked me out to karaoke again I jumped up at the chance! Upon arriving at the venue I learned that Dog & Pony Sound was hosting that night and from what I heard they were the best! They sure as heck didn't disappoint! I kept on coming back for their wide variety of songs and all the people who make you feel right at home.

I really hope I can help people have a fun night out as well as feel comfortable on stage and in their own skin through that wonderful, magical, musical power that is karaoke.

~NickNack the Fuzzy Bear

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