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Paola "Mustang"

Catch our Mustang
this fall at Bar 1848
Tuesdays beginning Sept 11


mustangI grew up with my grandfather always singing. His voice and the way he played the guitar made me fall in love with the passion that people had for music. Afterwards, I fell in love with Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill and Celine Dion. I always felt like these singers had a huge part of my childhood and upbringing.


Although the 90s divas were like my godmothers, I wouldn’t limit myself to one music genre. I love pretty much anything and everything that speaks to me. My motto is: Let music take you to a place that you can’t describe, only feel.


Singing was my secret passion but never had enough courage to sing in public, until one day after a 3 hours exam. I came to a Dog & Pony sound show and decided to try something new. I sang Killing me Softly. Deep down I thought I killed the song softly but Dog was right there in his mic encouraging me and making me feel so happy I sang. That’s when I realized; karaoke is all about fun and good times and if it does anything more than that then you just created a memorable night that might end up being the best adventure you’ve had.

Paola – aka Mustang

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