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Karaoke World News


Moe "Kitty"

She's sharper than a tack and more playful than a kitten with a ball of yarn
... meet Kitty!

You can catch our Naughty Kitty Mondays at Swizzles, Wednesdays at Ugly Iguana & Fridays at Puzzles

“Hi, My name is Moe, and I am a Karaoke junkie.”

Come, sit closer, and hear the tale of how a good and innocent young girl was lured into the dark underbelly of the karaoke world, and how, after losing her karaoke virginity (at about 18) became the notorious Mistress M- Kamikaze Karaoke Junkie (a.k.a. Miss Kitty).

Once, a fresh-faced and still somewhat naïve young girl moved to the big city of Ottawa, after spending her teen years in Vermont, where cows out numbered people 3 to 1.

She attended Ottawa U, met new people and discovered the real joys of Ottawa; beavertails, kissing on both cheeks,
1st of July on the Hill, and karaoke.

She found a little spot that offered
karaoke. It became the most happening place around every welfare payday. As a student working clothing retail (earning less than many welfare recipients) it suited her budget.

It was good!

Cheep beer and a karaoke songbook- who knew it could beckon so many? It started as a Wednesday thing, then a Tuesday-Wednesday thing then a Tuesday-Wednesday-Sunday thing...

Then "life" happened (as it oft does) and Moe was forced to secure a "real" job and cut back even more on the “entertainment” budget...

Flash-forward a few more years, this young girl, now transformed into a financial professional, was bored out of her mind. She yearned to feel passion again, to perform, to live out loud. Although she scoured the city for places to sing, she felt consticted by her “interesting” tenor voice and confined herself to singing “The Rose” (down 3 semitones of course). It was getting old.

Then, one Friday night in the spring of 2002, "it" happened; little bar, great book, even greater KJ’s; oh she felt the passion!

The addiction returned with a vengence, back for good (or as long as Dog and Pony have a show on the road!).

You know, what they say is true: "Karaoke can turn a "virgin" into a "junkie" in under 30 minutes!"

~ Moe (Kitty)