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Richie "Hound"

We can't be held responsible for consequenses arising from rubbing his belly.


   Party with our cuddly Hound

Saturdays at
The Cock & Lion Pub
202 Sparks St.

strayI first discovered music and singing when I was 9 or 10 years old. Before then, I heard music but had never really listened until I discovered Metallica (still my fav). Then I started to sing along to everything I listened to. But I would only sing while alone or with only very good friends around me. I didn't have much confindence and was easily embarrassed.

When I was 19, my friend and fellow Dog & Pony Pal Andrew (also known as "Puppy") introduced me to Karaoke. I needed a lot of liquid courage. I find it very fitting that the first song I ever sang at Karaoke was "Courage" by the Tragically hip. HOUNDAs time went by, I became increasingly more comfortable and needed less and less liquid courage to sing. I knew I wasn't an excellant singer but I found songs that i could do well enough.

I am told by Puppy that my singing has actually improved over the years, the result, I think of practice and gaining more confidance in myself. I love Karaoke and always have a blast when doing it. The hosts have always made me feel comfortable while singing and made sure I had a good time. This is superhoundwhat I want to do for others.

ow my eyes
It doesn't matter what your voice sounds like, the fun you have is what is important. Here I am with my good friends Mike and Troy stripping to
"Baby Got Back" (obviously I got over the embarrasment thing).


~Richie the hound

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