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Anakin "Daggit"


Catch Anakin every
Tuesday & Wednesday at The Lookout, 41 York St.

Cock & Lion every Thursday
Don Cherry's Kanata Fridays
330 Eagleson Rd.

daggit2Music was an integral part of my life from the moment of my birth. At less than a year old my parents took me to lollapalooza 96’ and concerts and festivals never stopped afterwards.

Hawksley, Sarah Slean, Serena Ryder were all musical obsessions throughout my childhood, plus anything I heard on the radio. Learning the words to songs over a listen or two, I would sing everywhere I went, much to the annoyance of my friends, parents, and anyone on the bus with me. daggit4

The festival I always found myself going back to was Blueskies music festival out by Clarendon station. Every year I would go, dance to artists I had never heard, and desperately try to sing every song that came up. There I met Charlotte, who saw me at 14 and simply said.“When you’re of age, I’m taking you to karaoke.”

Around that time I had gotten into the production side of music. Joining my school’s tech crew, and running pretty much every show and event I could get my hands on right up until my graduation. I loved the mix, I daggit6loved my rig, and I went out of my way to spend as much time with my gear as possible, trying to teach other kids how to run it, and generally just pushing myself to get the shows going as fast and as smoothly as possible.

My introduction to DOG & PONY Sound began with helping for set up with MLO. Scrambling to get the shows up and running, every minute bringing us closer and closer to crunch time, and wonderful memories for everyone involved. From there I ended up at oke, and from there my aim was to have my own show, and give everyone else an outlet for being as loud as they can dream to be.

~Anakin aka "Daggit"

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