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 DOG & PONY Sound is the 'lovechild" of Christopher & Danni

Besides making karaoke available to the masses 7 nights a week in various venues throughout Ottawa, we are honored to also provide services and support for many fine causes, events, and festivals such as The Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre, Cancer Care Ontario, Make A Wish Foundation, Bruce House, Aids Committee of Ottawa, Ottawa Pride, CHEO, MS, Centertown Movies Festival, Fringe Festivals, Centertown Citizens of Ottawa Corporation, school fundraisers, neighborhood block parties, community centers and nursing homes, The Ottawa Mission, The Ottawa Police, Carleton University, Westfest, Bankfest, Pride Festivals, PSAC Public Service Alliance of Canada, OPSU Ontario Public Service Union, LGX Lesbian Gay Expo, Pink Triangle Services, Ten Oaks Project and Capital Xtra. We've been honored to be asked to sit on judging panels for several community pageants including The Ottawa Bears, Mr. Leather Ottawa and Miss Gay Ottawa and say with pride that it is a joy to be able to give back to the communities that have supported us for so many years.

As proud Canadians, it's also a pleasure to provide entertainment for The Liberal Party of Canada and numerous Government of Canada Departments including National Defense, Public Safety, Customs & Revenue, Natural Resources & various annual fundraisers through CWCC, The Canadian Workplace Charitable Campaign.

We've undertaken the production of several singer showcases including a stage production at Ottawa's famous Barrymore's Music Hall and have co-produced several shows for MLO and MGO as well as provided sound, lighting, and tech support for many local venues, live bands, and both Bywards and Dusty Owl poetry & writer's collectives for many years.

We've also enjoyed sharing the stage, having co-hosted events with several well known Canadian personalities including CJOH's Eric Longley & Max Keeping, TV's beloved John Dore, Toronto's Jazz FM icon, Jaymz Bee, Ottawa's lounge genius Johnny Vegas, Chez 106's Woody sans Doc, Ottawa Citizen's Gary Dimmock and A-Channel's Leanne Lang.

We've had a blast providing entertainment to a vast array of businesses; small to large including the Grand Opening of The Putting Edge, Scotia Mcleod, Distributel, Bitheads, Natural Convergence, and the Lonestar Ranch to name just a handful, as well as countless sporting leagues and club events covering baseball, bowling, curling, hockey and golf. Although we have been invited to host karaoke for a nudist event, we're holding out to be invited to host nude skydiving karaoke before we retire.

We've enjoyed the challenges of participating in all of Ottawa's Pump Idol Competitions as well as producing the CNKC Canadian National Karaoke Championships where our Canadian Champions were sent to Finland to represent in the KWC Karaoke World Championships.

We are thrilled to have repeatedly been invited to appear on Rogers 22 and A-Channel and have been voted "Best Karaoke in Ottawa" by readers of Ottawa Xpress and viewers of A-Channel over the years.

We've also been extremely honored (chuffed as our friends in the UK would say) to have been invited to sit on various panels and provide product testing and counsel for major karaoke manufacturers such as Sound Choice in the US, Canada's Eat Sleep Music & Gamesman and the UK's Sing To The World, as well as our local distributor Fleet Pro Sound.

Over the years we've had the opportunity to witness and share in many great moments, parties, birthdays, celebrations, memorials, engagements, anniversaries and of course, there are the many who have invited us to witness the most important day of their lives, their wedding.


After crossing paths for many years, we finally met on Friday, June 9th, 2000 at 10:20pm.

It was only a matter of time (and money and effort and determination) to realize the statement

"...let's take this 'dog and pony show' on the road".

Eventually...we even moved off the road and into a few choice nightclubs & bars....

Christopher (aka Dog), a descent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was born and raised in North Bay. "Doyle's Hill" was named for the clan (which cost 25¢ to cab across in 1932).

Family legend has it that a keg of horseshoe nails was sent to great-grandfather Alexander Doyle on "the north bay of Lake Nippissing". Hence the name "North Bay".


Danni's heritage is equally colorful with German, Irish, English, Dutch, Welch, Scottish, Cherokee and French ancesters. Her maternal Grandfather was a German sniper in WWII who's only daughter married a Canadian soldier and moved to France before settling in Canada.

Danni was "made" in Germany, born in France, and raised in Canada. A "military brat", she moved many times during her school years and eventually also lived in North Bay.

is a man of many talents. As a young entrepreneur, He owned a successful DJ company and enjoyed many years as both a nightclub and radio DJ.

Ever curious, he explored careers in design, television and teaching and became proficient in many aspects of computing and graphic design.

He also nurtured a keen interest in the humanities leading to a degree in nursing, but eventually returned to his love of music which culminated into a venture shared with his pony...

A self taught musician, Danni has always had a passion for music. A strong interest in the humanities inspired a degree in Psychology and a seemingly endless curiosity later led to publishing this independent study.

After awakening a passion for computers, she became a Web Developer and later, IT Manager and Network Administrator.

Eventually, Danni too culminated her passions into one shared adventure with her best friend and partner....

... one that merged music, arts, humanities, friendships and fun. What could be more perfect?

Their paths crossed for over 20 years before finally meeting...

They worked in the same mall in North Bay; Danni at the North end and Christopher at the South end, used the same stores and kiosks without ever meeting. Not suprisingly, Christopher (the flirt) knew many of the girls at Danni's school.

Yet...they never met.

Danni moved to Ottawa. A few years later, Christopher moved to Ottawa. They worked on the same street, lived in the same neighbourhood(s), used the same laundry mats and corner stores

...and still had not met.

After working directly across the street from each other for several years, Danni's began university and passed where Christopher worked almost everyday to catch her bus to school.

...and ...still...they hadn't met.

ponyDanni moved again...and Christopher moved to that same neighbourhood. Again they used the same stores...

and ...still...they hadn't met.

Life kept them both very busy for several more years.

and then...   one June eve...

(June 9th, 2000 at 10:20pm to be WAY more precise) they met for the 1st time at a bar appropriately called "The Rendezvouz"

                                                     ...the rest is history, herstory, and... the happily ever after..

ChristopherThe DOG
Richie The Hound Danni The PONY
Jayme,, our Jaguar Nick The Fuzzy Bear Angie,, our Leopard
daggit3 samoyed
Bert, The Blackbird Anakin The Daggit Sam The Samoyed

Our hosts are proud to serve and support, to inspire and entertain, to encourage, to reach out and touch somebody's hand...♫ ♪ ♫...

Our hosts represent DOG & PONY Sound to the best of their abilities and their abilities are staggering. Some have a profound gift for music, others must learn through perseverance, but all are highly trained to be true sound technicians. They adjust the mix for every singer, utilizing vocal effects and compressor/limiters and offering every singer the star treatment.

These are truly dedicated individuals who build relationships with the people who come out to sing and play with them. It takes a special person to be able to give so much of themselves to a job; but then, this is no ordinary job and, did we mention, these are no ordinary people.

At DOG & PONY Sound, we don't hire, we adopt. Our hosts are family; A family that shares fun and love and music and laughter and encouragement and flirtin' and playin' and more fun and a whole lot more..

Collect the whole set. We did!

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