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Karaoke Fun! Photo Gallery
"I found your picture today..." -Sheryl Crow

1st Annual - "Pump Idol" Fundraiser 2004

Comedians Jon Dore and Jason Harper kept the crowd entertained, amused and often befuddled.


Judges Cory Atkins (the New RO), Fateema Sayani (the Ottawa Citizen) and
journalist Gary Dimmock were on hand to officiate a great night of
fun and laughter, music and song.

Canadian Cultural Icon & Comedian Jon Dore toasts the crowd

Jon & Jason Harper croon a lovely tune under the moon (shame it wasn't June too)

After a brief soundcheck....

The Pump Girls got the party started with a little Spice
Angela Brown belts out "Crazy On You"
from the Heart
Warren Ryder won a super cool snowboard and accessories for his rendition of "Father Figure"
Kim Blanchfield impresses the judges with
her "Hella Good" pipes.

Moe won all kinds of goodies

Monique L'Heurex (aka Moe, aka Miss Kitty) came dangerously close to hurting something or someone
with her naughty rendition of "Mama"
Andrew proves he's not afraid of "Kryptonite" After a shimmy and a shake...Eric starts to gyrate No No John!
Don't encourage him!
Too late! Eric won a DVD home theatre system for Best Performance. Now there's really no living with him ;)

Eric "You Rocked My World" Fateema said, repeating the title of the song. Eric demonstrates his finely honed ball playing technique. Go team!
And now for something completely different....

Warren Gash astounds the crowd with his intricate and beautiful guitar work.
Warren is a regular performer at Lieutenant's Pump.


What? A "Sweet Transvestite" without the fishnet stockings??? The judges were mortified. Nevertheless, biny brought the house down.
Everybody's darling, Sally Quinn raised more than a few eyebrows with her steamy rendition of "I Touch Myself"
"Woo! ... touched for the very first time" Jen Ormos sings "Like A Virgin"



"Pump Girl" Sara single handedly raised over $400 winning the award for most pledges raised.

Beautiful Sara gets more than a little support. This kiss raised $50 (out of Jon Dore's own pocket.)

Just one more reason to visit the Lieutenant's Pump...the staff is so friendly.

Lovely Linda Lavoie was a favorite. Her personality shone through earning much crowd support. And with a classic number like "Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia"...she rocked!

Kat belts out the rock anthem "Purple Rain"

Naima Abassi takes center stage.

Jim Robinson spread the joy with "You Are My Sunshine"
"Mama Look A Boo Boo"'s Larry J

Larry wowed the judges and the crowd with his humorous rendition of the Belefonte classic and won a beautiful 27" TV.
The Ottawa Beavers Rugby Team raised over $400.

So what better than to celebrate with a little
"Sweet Caroline"
Go Moose Go!

Maura rocks the crowd and wins the Audience Choice Award It's not just her mama who thinks she's one "Sweet Child"
More great performances
from some last minute contestants round out the evening.

Jim claims "It's Not Unusual"...but we know it's not that usual either.
The judges deliberate one last time before the awards are presented.
Raffles, a 50/50 draw, a silent auction and contestants' pledges
helped to raise over $8000.00 for The Ottawa Regional Cancer Center.

Congratulations to the Lieutenant's Pump and to Laura Butterworth
(2nd from right) for organizing such a successful event
100% of the proceeds donated to
The Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre


Special thanks to Mike Heffernan (aka Binary Rhyme) the official photographer to DOG & PONY sound for doing a wonderful job of documenting the event.

© copyright 2004 by Mike Heffernan.
Non-commercial use permission extended to event participants.

Full sized pictures are available

[at Binary Rhyme Website]

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