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Karaoke Fun! Photo Gallery
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al Revue & Talent Showcase

We've wanted to do something extra special for our DOG & PONY Pals, to give them something truly memorable.

We considered gifts such as pins or t-shirts, but realized that we could provide a lasting memory of something great, a chance to perform from the ‘mother-of-all-stages’ Barrymore's!

Our 1st Review & Showcase
was a huge success!

50 talented performers were treated to the big stage experience; professional lighting & sound technicians, names in lights, and an enthusiastic crowd was treated to a great show!

Special Guests:

Ottawa's "King of Lounge",
Johnny Vegas


Jaymz Bee,
"Canada's King of Cocktail"


... put in stellar performances!

Janice & Helene Micheal Fortier Ginette Lortie
Dann Oickle Jennifer Coulter Dan Bertrand
Adam Goldberg Robert Harmer Mike McFee
Eric Lessard Monique L`Heureux Alain Nantel
Mike Gagne Richard Gautier Steve Curtis
Ian McLeod Chantal Viau Scott Buckley
Mike Heffernan Kim Leaman JIm Wade
Larry Rouslar David Usinger Steve Muss
Geordie Robertson Andrea Lambert Penny Woodruff
John Frankow Freddy Brenkmann Marcel Champagne
Karim Mohanna Delaney Hinds Pete Perrier

Alison Wilson Allan Labelle Bill Johnson
Vincent Doyle Stephan Lebeau John Briggs
Neal Bouffard Liam Nicholson Steve Bouchard
Radji Millette Christopher Doyle (Dog)

Goodnight Gracie


Special Thanks:

Andrew Lee was indispensible as our backstage (or sidestage) manager (as the backstage was used for filming throught the evening) AND pulled double duty as the lead interviewer for our documentary.


We will produce another Singer Showcase at Barrymore's Music Hall e
very year !

We have many 100's of singers who frequent our shows and over 400
(people who have come out to two or more of our venues). We will showcase our singers 50 at a time.

To qualify for future revues, you must be a bonified DOG & PONY Pal

Audience & Performers' Comments:

"Last night was an incredible evening! It will defininately go down in the
Dog & Pony Sound history books as the most Amazing show to date.

Some of the singers that I spoke to went as far as to call it Magical. While I was making the rounds after the show the big question was 'When can we do this again!' If you have the chance to look through the interview footage you can see just how special everyone thought the night was.

The energy backstage was incredible! Between giving some stage fright
pep-talks, interviewing the singers, helping avert last minute costume
crisis's, and even helping one of our singers remember how to breath again
after she hyperventelated during her interview, this minx had his hands
full. Making sure people were ready to go was only part of the fun and I
loved every minute of it. I would do it again in an instant.

You made a lot of people feel very special and very happy last night. You earned some serious good karma! You gave people an experience that they will carry with them all of thier lives which is a gift whose value is beyond imagination. Thank you for giving the little stars a stage to shine on. It was an honor to be a part of that."

~ Andrew Lee (backstage manager)

"What an event! A step above karaoke! Bravo to the dog and pony!"

~ Jim Wade

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with how smoothly things went last night. You'd think you had done this dozens of times. Everything was seamless. Everyone sounded great. You started on time and ended when you said you would. You are both truly amazing.

On a more general note and as someone new to the scene here in Ottawa, it's obvious that you truly enjoy what you do and bring incredible passion, joy and dedication to your work. You're not just pushing buttons, you're helping to build a community--and that makes all the difference.

... It was a great pleasure to participate. Thanks also for remembering, without my even reminding you (which I should have), that my song was pitched two steps down. How many such potential disasters did you avert last night because of your amazing attention to detail?"

~ Vincent Doyle

"...I echo all the thank yous to Chris and Danni!!

There's some awesome talent out there and Dog and Pony make sure we sound our best. Thanks guys!!

And to all the other "pals": great job!!"

~ Pete Pierre

"...may I say that from an audience point of view the production was
absolutely seamless! ... The whole show worked like a well-oiled machine....

Thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into that production.You should know it was worth every minute. Thanks for a great night."

~ Douglas Faulkner

"I wanted to thank you for the invitation and opportunity to be on the
Barrymore's stage. ...Marcel and I went in before Babylon's Sunday and he mentioned all the big names that have been there. ...

(fade in applause sound effect here) Wonderful work and organization. I know you put A LOT of work into last night's success. From little details like Power Point, to scheduling the appropritate mood and contacting each and everyone of us... I can imagine what it involved and all my respect goes to you. (fade applause)

~ Alain Nantel

" You guys did a SUPER SUPER job ...Thanks for a great time ...the women I was sitting beside thought that you both were very entertaining..."

~ Madeleine Brownrigg


"...It really was an amazing night, and an amazing show - everyone was at their best, whether it be from a whole lot of practice or just the increased energy that came from being up on that stage (which really was as cool as I thought it would be) - it was a night that all the singers could be proud of.

.... Last night really was amazing, and the culmination not only of a whole lot of hard work on your part (for which we'll always be immensely grateful), but of your whole way of doing things. Of treating us "pals" as actual pals - being friends, sharing not only your mic's, but your hearts, and getting us to do the same in return.

Thanks for that, and for letting me become part of the team."

~ Neal Bouffard (Dog & Pony Sound, DJ & teammate)



"I'd like to add my eternal gratitude for going above and beyond in putting together an event that made all of us to feel like stars. Make that "more like stars than you normally make us feel".

Some of us are still hoarse, some still shaky, and probably not a few of us are nursing hangovers, but I bet we're some of the cheeriest f*ckers alive today."

~ Ian McLeod


Last night's show was amazing. Where else but Barrymore's could you see a handful of Lounge Acts, and just about everything in between. From AC/DC straight to Neil Diamond, it worked perfectly!

I can't wait to see the documentary once it's finished the editting process, and of course there must be 100's of pictures waiting to be posted on some giant internet photo album. Ah, the lasting memories.

Chris and Danni thanks for doing the thing you do so $%#&ing well! Without you, we would have never had our 15 minutes of fame, 3&1/2 minutes at a time."

~ Adam Goldberg (Vic Viscount)

"Thanks again for letting me participate in the showcase. Everyone had a great time, including ME! I just can't thank you enough for giving me that opportunity....You guys are the best!"

~ Andrea Lambert

Mike Heffernan, a.k.a. Binary Ryhme, independant photographer and media artist, worked up a sweat shooting the entire event.

For information on reprints contact: