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Karaoke Fun! Photo Gallery
"I found your picture today..." -Sheryl Crow

2nd Revue & Talent Showcase

July 10 2005 BANKFEST

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The Performers
Hot in the city w/Dog
Steph (llama)
Mika (mouse)
Ali (hummingbird)
Doug (wolverine)
Cris (stray kitty)
Jenn (nightingale)
Kim B (gazelle)
Ian (princess)
Geordie (pants)
larry (panther)
Coco (puffin)
Andrew (Manetee)
Janet (squirrel)
Paul (pavlos)
Neal (wildcat)
Biny (beaver)
Ross (may)
JoAnna (chipmonk)
Cait (glam kitty)
Beth (goose)
Jim (stallion)
Andrew (puppy)
Pete (petey)
Robyn (Rabbit)
Roxy (Lynx)
Terry (coyote)
Matt (thing I)
Donnie (thing II)
Dog in the hat?
Moe (kitty)
Kathleen (cheetah
Robert (killer)
Laura (mink)
Delaney (hawk)
Claude (chico)
Tom (rasta)
Richie (hound)
Eric (tiger)
Adam (gecko)
Warren (mongoose)
The Fun
We have many 100's of singers who frequent our shows and over 400
(people who have come out to two or more of our venues). Each year we will showcase our singers 50 at a time!

To qualify for future revues, you must be a bonified DOG & PONY Pal.

Audience & Performers' Comments:


"I had a really great time and would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to dog for that last-song introduction. i'm the one who feels honored to be part of your community.."

~ Steph-dude (llama)

"Thank you very much to both Dog and Pony for organizing this year's showcase! I know I had a great time - as did many others! "

~ Kathleen (Cheetah)

A good time was had by all. It was a great experience, my daughter seeing me singing on stage was priceless...she thinks I am a Star.
Thanks so much!

~ Kim B

I echo the thank-yous to Dog & Pony as well as those who helped them deliver Showcase No 2. There's some awesome talent out there!!"

~ Pete Pierre

"... the showcase was amazing and i had so much fun and i know i wasnt the only one. everyone was having a good time. good music, good karaoke, good friends, orgasmic sound! my god, i wasnt expecting all that crazy quality on an outdoor venue...

~Cris (Stray Kitten)

"I still think it's us that have to thank you two (again). It was a great time - and proof that you really do bring out the best in us."

~Neal (Wildcat)

"It was great fun, and nice to see we got as big a crowd as the pros at the other end of the DVZ (de-vehicleized zone) for most of the day. Thanks for giving us the opportunity, y'all."


" would also like to thank Dog and Pony for there efforts in Bankfest... I have to say that the sound that Dog/Hound had on the stages was AMAZING! I have to say that 1700 watts of power is about enough for me to be comfortable with on stage....thanks again guys."

~Moe (Kitty)

Yay Bankfest.....

Somehow end the day without a sunburn but was overwhelmed by the amount of talent Dog and Pony Pals have.

I've seen the majority of the singers perform at Karaoke at most of the venues but there were a couple that I've never heard before and I must say I want to hear them again.

So Thanks to Dog and Pony for bringing out the best in all of us.

You guys rock hard....

~Terry (Coyote)

Mike Heffernan, a.k.a. Binary Ryhme, independant photographer and media artist, worked up a sweat shooting the entire event.

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  No dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during our shows!

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