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Karaoke Fun! Photo Gallery
"I found your picture today..." -Sheryl Crow

The "Pros" Playground:
Bands & Artists That "Howl" with Us
because professional (and aspiring professional) singers need to play too!

Steve Muss

Steve is a gifted
singer / songwriter who performs his poignant songs with a deep passion and pain that will draw you in.

Nothing Left To Lose
The Walls Fall Down

Steve is currently doing wonderful work with his band

theviberemainsthesame formerly Kashmir

Al Labelle, lead singer for Kashmir, Ottawa's answer to Led Zepplin, singing with us at Barrymores (above) and the PRIDE Street Party (right, left).

You can catch Al just about every weekend singing up a storm with us at O'Brien's. That is until the band leaves for their Japanese tour this summer.

No Time

No Time is a four piece punk band with the energy, intelligence, lyricism, and musicality of the Violent Femmes coupled with the sheer frenetic energy of Spirit of the West.

Definately a band to watch out for.

No Time recorded their first 9-song demo entitled ...Like the Present in 1999
hear the band

Check their show schedules online
Chris "Rayburn" belts out a tune at O'Brien's


Ali Wilson & Doug Comrie

Formerly members of Memphis Mafia & Love Rollercoaster
Ali & Doug have formed a new dance & party bandband which begs the questions "Have you had your Sugarphyx?"

Alison has been a regular DOG & PONY party goer
for years.

It's always a hoot when Ali and her bandmates come out to play. We're crazy about her!

Ali is the 1st of all our singers to have earned 15 paws!

Allan Dover

Meet Allan Dover, lead singer for the Ozzy tribute band The Ozzbornzz rockin' the house at O'Briens

Check the Ozzbornzz website for concert dates.


Dann Oickle

Besides being terminally cute, Dann is smart, funny, sweet and very talented.

He lends his unique vocal style to many traditionally female pop songs.

 [dann's website]

...and recently played the lead roles in the amateur stage plays HAIR and TOMMY!

"precious things" "good mother"


Andrea Lambert

Andrea is a delightful and talented young woman. She's already recorded one CD and is currently working on recording a second CD of original music.


The boys placed first in the preliminary and semi-final rounds of the Emergenza International Band Competition, which took place in over forty countries

Lovenbodyparts is:

Radji Millette (vocals, guitars, effects), Sean Hart (synths, sampler), Sam Enright (emcee) and Phil Mailey (percusssion).

MC ProfSE was presented with the Ottawa Best Singer Award in the finals, beating out over sixty five others vying for the title. They finished in second place over all.

Since the release of their CD Flex in June 2002, LNBP has been spreading a contagious vibe across the nation. The EP-length Flex features five original tunes, including two remixes crafted by local legend DJ Brad Copeland & Andrew Matsubara (DJ K).

One of LOVENBODYPARTS' singles was chosen among more than 350 submissions for the 2003 Converse / Best of Emergenza 2003 Compilation, of which 5000 copies were released at the Canadian and European finals. They were the only finalist from Ottawa to receive this honour.

LNBP is the proud recipient of the 2004 Golden Cherry Award for Best Live Performance!

Congrats to the boiz for lookin so damn fine on stage!

Always a great time when these kidz come out to play!

Purchase LNBP's album FLEX online HERE



R&B fans in Ottawa and Montreal have had the pleasure of hearing her for several years now.

Her CD, released in December 2001, contains 8 original, deeply personal songs for which she wrote both the music and the lyrics; 2 gutsy adaptations of R&B classics, and 1 very special bonus track.

Hear Francine's CD

visit Francine's Website




Local Ottawa Indie band currently preparing for greatness.

Lead vocalist, Sarah has a mean set of pipes!

Here's bassist, Steve & vocalist, Sarah hamming it up at
the LookOut on York St.

visit FUSE Website


Rachelle Behrens


Rachelle is the lead singer of a local band. This girl is loaded with talent!





Charming, dynamic and oh so sexy.
Tony's got groove & he shares it well.


"is this love" pt1 "is this love" pt2



Rick Whittington



Rick is an independant artist currently appearing in various bars in the Ottawa area.

 "hollywood nights"  


Gabe "The Dragonslayer"


Dragonslayer works his magic
with his own original rap

 "dragon rap"




Lead singer for CAP 'n KAoS, Yves Seguin
can be reached at:

Chris Labelle
Top 18 - 2006

Dann Oikle
Top 200 - 2006

Constant Bernard
Top 100 - 2003
Top 32 - 2004

Monique L'Heureux
Top 100 - 2004

Winter 2003 we put 50 of our talented performers on the Barrymore's stage for a gala showcase. They were treated to the full star experience; professional lighting & sound technicians, and an enthusiastic crowd of over 200 were treated to a great show! [see photos]

Special Guests:

Ottawa's "King of Lounge",
Johnny Vegas


Jaymz Bee,
"Canada's King of Cocktail"

... put in stellar performances!


If you are an independant artist or a member of a band that comes out to sing and play and frolick and have fun with us...

...keep us posted as to your show schedules, special events, cd release parties, etc. We'd love to help promote your efforts.

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