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We feature a different Pal every month as a thank you to those special people who have shared their support and friendship not only with us, but with the entire community.

Katie (jellyfish)

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Happy Birthday September Pals!
5 Dragonfly (Mego)
8 Angie
12 Coyote
13 Penguin
15 Gopher
14 Lisa
15 Christina
16 Lemur (Josh)
19 Platypus
26 Woody

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Labour Day Sept. 4
(first Monday of September)
And every Labour Day Monday marks the date of the AnnualDOG & PONY Pals BBQ.

The full moon will grace us on Wednesday the 9th.
A great night to come out to The LookOut to howl at the moon with Dog after spending a lovely evening on the patio of The Ugly Iguana with Hound.

Sept. 22 - 1st day of Fall

...and now for some unusual observances:

September marks:

lADHD Month
lBaby Safety Month
lBackpack Safety America Month
lBe Kind To Editors & Writers Month
lChildren's Good Manners Month
lChristmas Seal Campaign Kick-off Month
(Sept - Dec)
lCollege Savings Month
lFall Hat Month
lIntl Gay Square Dancing Month
lIntl People Skills Month
lIntl Self-Awareness Month
lIntl Strategic Thinking Month
lLibrary Card Sign-up Month
lAlcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month
lMenopause Awareness Month
lMetaphysical Awareness Month
lBiscuit Month
lChicken Month
lCivics Awareness Month
lCoupon Month
l5-A-Day Month
lFood Allergy Awareness Month
lHome School Month
lHoney Month
lLittle League Month
lMushroom Month
lOrganic Harvest Month
lOsteopathic Medicine Month
lOvarian Cancer Awareness Month
lPediculosis Prevention Month
lPiano Month
lPotato Month
lRice Month
lSchool Success Month
lVery Important Parents (VIP) Month
lSkin Care Awareness Month
lSpinal Cord Injury Awareness Month
lOvarian Cancer Awareness Month
lPediatric Cancer Awareness Month
lPleasure Your Mate Month
lSea Cadet Month
lSelf-Improvement Month
lChildhood Cancer Month
l Healthy Aging Month
lShameless Promotion Month
lSouthern Gospel Music Month
lSubliminal Communications Month
lUnited Planet Month
lUpdate Your Resume Month
lHispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15)

Weekly Events:
lIntl Enthusiasm 1-7
l Childhood Injury Prevention
lSelf-University 1-7
lSuicide Prevention 4-10
lWaffle 4-10
lPayroll 5-9
lPlay Days 6-10
lBald is Beautiful Days 9-11
l Assisted Living 11-17
lHabitat for Humanity's
Intl Building on Faith 11-18
lEmerg. Preparedness11-17
lInvisible Chronic Illness Awareness: 12-18
lNo Bully Wk: 12-16
lLove a Mensch Wk: 12-18
lSubstitute Teacher Appreciation 12-16
lConstitution Center Constitution 13-23
lConstitution 17-23
lProstate Cancer Awareness 18-24
lBuild A Better Image 18-24
lDeaf Awareness 18-24
lBalance Awareness 18-24
lDog Wk: 18-24
lFarm Animals Awareness 18-24
lFarm & Ranch Safety 18-24
lHistorically Black Colleges & Universities 18-24
lSingles 18-24
lTolkien 18-24
lBaby Safety 19-25
lLove Your Files 19-28
lLunch Prowl 20-24
lReligious Freedom 23-10/2
lChimney Safety 24-30
lChristian Leadership 25-10/1
lAdult Immunization Awareness 25-10/1

Daily Observances:
lChicken Boy's Day: 1
lEmma M. Nutt Day: 1
lBison-Ten-Yell Day: 2
lNewspaper Carrier Day: 4
lBe Late For Something Day 5
lBuhl Day: 5
lLabor Day: 5
lDo It! Day 6
lGoogle Commemoration 7
lGrandma Moses Day: 7
lFeel The Love Day: 7
lIntl Literacy Day: 8
lWonderful Weirdoes Day: 9
lSew Be It! Day: 10
lSwap Ideas Day: 10
lPatriot Day: 11
lRemember Freedom Day 11
lGrandparent's Day: 11
lBoss/Employee Exchange 12
lVideo Games Day: 12
lFortune Cookie Day: 13
lSomeday: 15
lAnne Bradstreet Day: 16
lConstitution Day & National School Celebration: 16
lIntl Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer: 16
lPOW/MIA Recognition 16
lCitizenship Day: 17
lIntl Eat An Apple Day: 17
lTime's Up Day: 17
lIntl Coastal Cleanup 17
lWife Appreciation Day 17
lIntl Day of Prayer & Action for lHuman Habitat: 18
lWomen's Friendship Day 18
lWorld Priest Day: 18
lTalk Like A Pirate Day 19
lFamily Day- A Day To Eat Dinner With Your Children 20
lIntl Day of Peace/Opening Genl Assembly of UN 20/21
lPause the World Day: 21
lDear Diary Day: 22
lElephant  Appreciation 22
lHobbit Day: 22
lCentenarians Day: 22
lInnergize Day: 23
lFish Amnesty Day: 24
lKiwanis Kids' Day: 24
lSingle Parent Family 24
lGold Star Mother's Day: 25
lGood Neighbor Day: 25
lOne-Hit Wonder Day: 25
lAncestor Appreciation 27
lWorld Maritime Day: 27
lWorld Tourism Day: 27
lWomen's Health & Fitness28
lAttend Your Grandchild's Birthday Day: 29


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l Special Events: 4th Annual DOG & PONY Pal Appreciation BBQ, Pump Idol
l Staff News: our Stray kitten has found a home, Gator & Dog move to new nights at Swizzles, Hound hosts Iggy Patio parties....
l Birthdays & Special Events: Pals don't get wiser then wait...
l Song Library: 100's of songs added to all libraries!!!
l Singing Tips: Un-training (clearing a path to great vocals)
l Show Schedule: September 2006

As summer begins to wind down we find ourselves winding up for another Annual DOG & PONY Pal BBQ. As always, the BBQ takes place on Labour Day Monday. [See special events for more details]. Then the kids go back to school. You'd think that would be good enough, but no, September also marks 'International Gay Square Dancers' and 'Fall Hat Month', 'Farm Animals Awareness Week' and 'Dog Week' (18-24), 'Be late for Something Day' 5th, 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' 19th, 'Wife Appreciation Day' 17th and 'Elephant Appreciation Day' 22nd.

September also marks the annual migration of pals to various parts of the planet for the beginning of another school or work year. Neye, our unicorn, has returned to Vancouver, Beth the goose is off to Toronto for studies, JoAnna the chipmunk also moving and Pavlos is heading back to New York city (poor boy claims to come back to Ottawa for "good karaoke").

School schedules also have Gator moving his regular show to Mondays at Swizzles, Dog is hosting the Tuesday, Friday & Sunday shows and Stray can be found hosting Puzzles on Fridays.

The 3rd Annual Pump Idol will be held on Saturday October 21st this year with special guest host Canadian Idol & Pump Idol's Chris Labelle. More information and download pledge forms here. We'll bring you more news as we near October.

Our message forum is the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community often the same day we do.

We post the newest songs to the forum the day they arrive (although it may take several more days to get the information on the website or printed in the new additions songbooks).

Check out the
message forum. With over 280 registered members, it's a great way to get to know many of the people you see at the various d&p shows.


3rd Annual DOG & PONY
Pal Appreciation
Backyard BBQ

Monday September 4th  
Party at Swizzles after the BBQ
w/ Gator until 1:30pm

Hotdogs, Hamburgers, fixin's & trimin's for all!
Bring your family, kids, significants, friends
and a little something to share with others.

[contact for directions]  [BBQ photo gallery]

3rd Annual

Sat. Oct. 21
, 2006

With special guest host Pump Idol & Canadian Idol's
Chris Labelle



    Venue Specific Special Events: Monthly Calendar


202 Sparks St.


with the Wiley Coyote

Enjoy relaxing summer evenings on the Sparks Street Patio

[map] [photos] [schedule]


41 York St.
Join the dog for a great howl at the moon Wednesdays 9:30pm-1:30am

Gotta love the balcony overlooking the Market...and oh the beautiful people!. Bartenders



O'BRIEN'S (Ottawa South)
1145 Heron Rd.

Fridays -9:30pm-1:30am w/Hound
Saturdays -9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog

O'Brien's has a long standing reputation as "the place" to hold that stag, bachelor & birthday party.



1475 Richmond Rd.
Rock every Thursday
with Super-Hound 9pm-1am.

Thursdays also feature $10 pitchers.



344 Richmond Rd.
(at Churchill)

Fridays 9:00pm-1:00am w/Stray

Wheelchair accessible,
FREE parking & NTN

[map] [photos] [schedule]


ROYAL OAK (Orleans)
1982 St. Joseph Blvd.

The Last Thursday Every Month
9pm-1am w/Coyote

Next Party: Aug. 31

[map] [photos] [schedule]


SWIZZLES (Ottawa Center)
246 Queen St.

to offer

[see all libraries]

Sundays 8:30pm -12:30 w/Dog - Library #64
Mondays 9:30-1:30 w/Gator - Library #42
9:30-1:30 w/Dog- Library #9¾
Fridays 9:30-1:30 w/Dog - Library #33.3

Join the Dusty Owl Poetry Group the 3rd Sunday of every month for a special featured reader & open stage 5pm before karaoke.
[map] [photos] [schedule]


148 Bank St.

Don't miss Wednesday evenings on the Ugly Iggy patio with Hound.

[map] [photos] [schedule]

STAFF NEWS from the stables:

Pet the Dog Wednesdays at
The LookOut, Saturdays at O'Brien's and Sundays, Tuesdays & Fridays at Swizzles.

Bay with the
Hound Wednesdays at The Ugly Iguana, Thursdays at Royal Britannia Pub & Fridays at O'Brien's.

Catch the Coyote at The Cock & Lion every Saturday and Royal Oak in Orleans the last Thursday of every month.

You can find our adorable Stray
Fridays at Puzzles.

Gator is now hosting Monday nights at Swizzles.

[Meet the entire stable]


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Library #9¾ in use at:
Swizzles (tues), Puzzles (fri), Cock & Lion (sat) & Royal Oak Orleans (last thurs monthly).
Library #33.3 in use at:
Swizzles (fri) & Ugly Iguana (wed)
Library #64 in use at: Swizzles (sun) Newest library*

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"Un-Training" - Mark Baxter

"I would love to be able to sing better but I'm not sure if training would be worth the effort." People often toss me this statement to see if I'll throw back a sales pitch about voice lessons. I never do. I figure, if someone refers to improving skills as effort, then they have no passion. What good is any artistic adventure if there is no passion? What I do offer is a different perspective on the voice lesson issue. We all know of someone who has an incredible voice and never had a bit of instruction. These people just open their mouths and it comes out great. Lucky for them. However, the common belief that some people are born to sing doesn't mean that the rest of us have to sit on the sidelines. Anyone can improve the sound of their voice. My advice is to think of it as un-training.

Pay a visit to a maternity ward and it's obvious that we are born with the ability to produce sound. Crying is reflex behavior. Singing is crying -- minus the tears. Within a short time after birth, our personalities emerge and influence this basic instinct. Some babies cry louder and more often. As toddlers, we begin to experiment with different vocal tones and the responses they provoke. When two year-olds whine enough, they will either get another cookie or be sent to their room. By the time we reach six, the results of these experiments have heavily influenced our personalities. We establish core traits which stay with us a lifetime. If you doubt this, visit a senior center and notice how much a bingo game looks like a kindergarten class. It's not that the seniors are acting childish; it's that they are being themselves again. What this means to potential singers is that, from a very early age, we have trained our muscles to produce sound in a particular way. Your particular way may or may not interfere with singing. If it does, then you've got some un-training to do.

Most vocal problems can be traced back to speech. As kids, we're taught the meanings of words and how to pronounce them, but not how to efficiently use our muscles when speaking. This is expected to happen naturally. It usually doesn't. Normally, emotions dominate our motor reflexes and shape the way we talk. Speech becomes an extension of our personality. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they talk, not what they say. There is a difference, though, between normal and natural. Natural is efficient; normal is what we are used to. Unfortunately, we are so accustomed to the way we speak that our trained-in tensions go unnoticed until we start to sing.

Sit at a piano or pick up a guitar and the instrument is ready to play. Musicians tend to take this for granted, but starting with a pre-balanced, consistent, instrument is a huge advantage when learning to play. Open your mouth to sing and any number of obstacles can compromise range, tone, volume and flexibility. In other words, in order to learn to sing, you got to build an instrument first. Most instruments we play today are the result of many years of refinement. As techniques for making pianos and guitars improve, their sound and ease of play improves as well. Instruments basically stay the same from day to day. This provides a great foundation for developing the skills need to play. We don't have that advantage with our voices. Many things can interfere with the "playability" of our voices, from talking all day to tension held in the jaw. Since most of these are not genetic or "natural" limitations, they are removable.

Building an instrument requires nothing more than clearing a path from inspiration to phonation. Whatever is blocking the flow needs to be un-done. I'm not suggesting it's easy, we worked hard to achieve these rigid states and the body is not going to be happy to let them go. What I am suggesting is that you don't have to except your voice "as is." The laws of sound are the same for everyone. Release your throat and you'll have a great tone. Allow your vocal folds to stretch freely and you'll have great range and accuracy. Return your breathing back to a reflexive, natural, state and you'll have dynamic control. Think of it as un-training and you'll have a big head start on the process.

Mark Baxter is a vocal therapist who offers private and video lessons. To contact him, call: (800)659-6002. Visit his website at:

(reprinted with the kind permission of Mark Baxter)


Serving Your Singing Fix 7 Nights A Week!

Weekly DOG & PONY sound Shows for September 2006

SunSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 8:30pm-12:30 w/Dog
MonSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30 w/Gator
Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
WedLookOut, 41 York St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
WedUgly Iguana,
148 Bank St. 7:00pm-11:00pm
ThursRoyal Britannia, 1475 Richmond Rd. 9:00pm-1:00am w/Hound
ThursRoyal Oak Orleans1981 St.Joseph 9-1 w/Coyote (last thurs mo.)
FriO'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Hound
344 Richmond Rd. 9:00pm -1:00am w/Stray
FriSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30 w/Dog
SatO'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
SatCock & Lion, 202 Sparks St. 8-midnight w/Coyote

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