Volume 5 Issue 11

straight from the pony's mouth


Cris (aka Stray)

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We feature a different Pal every month as a thank you to those special people who have shared their support and friendship not only with us, but with the entire community.

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Happy Birthday to our
November Pals!

15 Big John

l16 Stevie (Gator)
l16 Christa (Silver)
l18 Larry (Panther)
l22 Roxy (Lynx)
l22 Nina (Koala)
l24 Steph (Bunny)
l24 Kim (Gazelle)

l29 Natasha (Baby Juliet)
l30 Cheryl (Crow)

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Remembrance Day Friday Nov. 11th, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day 9th,
and Kristallnacht 9-10

The full moon will grace us on Wednesday the 16th. A great night to come out to the LookOut, stand on the balcony and howl at the moon with Dog.

...and now for some unusual, fun or just plain whack
November observances:

Monthly Observances
American Diabetes
-Aviation History
-Celebrate Empty Nester
-Diabetic Eye Disease
-Epilepsy Awareness
-Family Stories
-I Am So Thankful
-Lung Cancer Awareness
-MADD's Tie One On For Safety Holiday Campaign
-Military Family Appreciation
-AIDS Awareness
-Alzheimer's Disease
-American Indian Heritage
-Author's Day
-COPD Awareness
-Family Caregivers
-Georgia Pecan
-Inspirational Role Models
-Life Writing
-Marrow Awareness
-Peanut Butter Lovers
-Prematurity Awareness

Weekly Observances:
-Fig 1-7
-World Communication 1-7
-Dear Santa Letter 5-9
-Kids' Goal Setting 6-10
-World Kindness 7-13
-Animal Shelter Appreciation 7-13
-Pursuit of Happiness 8-14
-Farm-City 17-23
-Family 19-25
-Game & Puzzle 19-25
-Bible 19-26
-Better Conversation 20-26
-Travelers with Disabilities 11/26 - 12/3

Daily Observances
-All Saints' Day 1
-Authors' Day 1
-Family Literacy Day 1
-Traffic Directors Day 2
-Plan Your Epitaph Day 2
-Men Make Dinner Day 2
-Cliché Day 3
-Chicken Lady Day 4
-Sadie Hawkins Day 4
-International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict: 6
-US Election Day 7
-Abet and Aid Punsters Day 8
-Cook Something Bold and -Pungent Day 8
-Parents As Teachers Day 8
-Return Day 9
-Great American Warm-up Days 10-12
-Donor Sabbath Days 10-12
-Death/Duty Day 11
-Veterans Day 11
-I Need A Patch for That Day 12
-Gingerbread House Day 13
-World Kindness Day 13
-Loosen Up Lighten Up Day 14
-American Teddy Bear Day 14
-Young Readers Day 14
-America Recycles Day 15
-George Spelvin Day 15
-I Love to Write Day 15
-Educational Support Professionals Day: 15
-Great American Smokeout 16
-Day for Tolerance 16
-Homemade Bread Day 17
-Married To A Scorpio Support Day 18
-Mickey Mouse Day 18
-Family Volunteer Day 18
-Push-button Phone Day 18
-Have A Bad Day Day 19
-African Industrialization Day 20
-Name Your PC Day 20
-Adoption Day 20
-Transgender Day of Remembrance 20
-Universal Children's Day 20
-Pumpkin Pie Day 21
-World Hello Day 21
-World Television Day 21
-Humane Society Anniversary Day 22
-What Do You Love About America? Day 22
-Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Day 23
-Black Friday 24
-D.B. Cooper Day 24
-Sinkie Day 24
-Buy Nothing Day 24 

-Flossing Day 24 
-Alascattalo Day 25
-International Aura Awareness Day 25 
-International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day 25
-Shopping Reminder Day 25
-Rockerfeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting 28
-Electronic Greetings Day 29
-International Day of -Solidarity With The Palestinian People 29
-Computer Security Day 30
-Stay Home Because You're Well Day 30


Now all of the registered users on our message forum can enjoy their own personal BLOG hosted on our site FREE.

I'd like to encourage all our members to put a little something together (profile, interests, a few musings, stuff that you'd like to share). As ours is essentially a community that actually meets in the real world.

The forum and blogs help to break the ice with people who you regularily see on the periphery but haven't yet gotten to know (or might not have previously known that you'd like to get to know better).

So take a wee bit of time and put a small blog together, maybe copy an entry or two from one of your other blogs here to save you the time.

We'd love to hear and see from you.

Adding your birthday to the
Calendar is easy. Simply add your birthday to your profile when you join the forum and it will automatically appear on the calendar each year.

You can also add special events such as your birthday party. Let us all know where and when you will be celebrating.

The forum is a great way to get to know the people you see at many of the shows. It is also the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community. Keep up on the latest news, weather & sports...uh...songs, shows & events.

Drop us a line when you register so we can give you access to the special areas for our local singers ...
-the PALS Zone-.

We're always adding new photos to all the venue galleries.

Check out the ongoing antics of various friends inspired by our DOG & PONY Sound Logo:
-Living Logo- Series

... And our -Masterpiece Theatre- Dog & Pony Style: where we applaude the creative, the inspired, the wacky and the zany...various singers taking songs quite literally.

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l Special Events: Halloween Parties, Paw Parties Nov.2nd and 12th! Ford Foundation Fundraiser Nov. 25th
l Venue News: New Venues Black Bear Pub begins Wed. Nov. 2 and Sonny's begins Sat. Nov. 12... Biddy Mulligan's last show Oct. 31st
l Staff News: What's happening in the stables
l Pal News: Paws for thought
l Pal Stories: Personal Story Submissions - Gator's story
l Pal Birthdays: Pals don't get older they get wiser
l Song Library News: Online Library Updated, More New Songs added
l Newest Web & Forum Features:
l Singing Tips: Herbs to the rescue: singing help from mother nature
l What's The Deal With... The Song Numbering System?
l Show Schedule: November 2005

In this newsletter we bring you tips on natural remedies for colds and sore throats, a look at how our song numbering system works, exciting news about new shows & paw parties, schedule changes and much more...

November is a time for remembrance.
Perhaps the very nature of autumn makes it most conducive to these kinds of thoughts; a melancholy look as what was with a hopeful heart for what will be. Perhaps it's no coincidence that we observe Rememberance Day, Vietnam Vetran's Day and
Kristallnacht all in November. Lest We Forget.

November also marks "Dear Santa Letter Week" (which of course does not mean Santa won't read 'em other days of the years but it is a good time to start thinking about the upcoming holidays. "Name your PC Day" on the 20th, "Chicken Lady" and "Sadie Hawkins Day" on the 4th, "Married To A Scorpio Support Day" on the
18th and "Buy Nothing Day" on the 24th (just try it, I dare ya). Woot! [more]

Last month Swizzles moved their Friday show to Thursdays which prompted some pretty cool "bonus paw parties". Congratulations to: Marcel, Terry, Liam, Trisha, Cheryl, Scotty R, Andrew G, Rasta, Adam,
Steffen, Dann, Steph-dude, Kathleen, Barb, Shanon & Jenn
for earning a bonus paw for attending 2 Swizzles Thursdays in October!

We bring you tidings of more new venues this month, Black Bear Pub Wednesday Nov. 2 and Sonny's Saturday November 12th. [more]

You can earn 3 new paws this month (Black Bear Pub, Sonny's Bar & Grill and James St. Feed Co.) Don't forget to get your PAL Card punched. If you don't yet have your wallet sized card to keep track of the paws you've earned, ask your host for your Pal Card.
[see Pal News for more info]

What's The Deal With..?. This month we explain our Song Coding System. Why we do it and what it means to you?



Scaryoke Howl-oween
Costume Parties

Swizzles -Sunday Oct. 30th
8:30 w/Dog

Special Showing of
Rocky Horror Picture Show 6pm

Biddy Mulligans - Monday Oct. 31st
w/Coyote & Hound

NEW SHOW Paw Party!
Black Bear Pub, 160 Bay St.
Wednesday Nov. 2 w/ Hound & Coyote

NEW SHOW Paw Party!
Sonny's Bar & Grill, 1119 Baxter Rd.
Saturdays Nov. 12 w/ Hound
beginning Nov. 12th

Karaoke for Education
Paw Party
James St. Feed Company
Bank @James St.
Friday Nov. 25th w/ Kitty

Syd Ford was one of the founding faculty in the Algonquin College Social Service Worker Program. He would discreetly give students in need money from his own pocket. After his sudden death in the early 90's the faculty created a fund in his honour. The Syd Ford Memorial Fund provides immediate assistance for students who find themselves in need of emergency funds to remain in school.

This fundraiser is especially important as it not only raises monies in his name but also carries out his legacy as it is also an assignment for 2nd year Social Service students as part of their program.

advance: $10 (see Kitty for advance tickets)
door $15

Door Prizes, draws, fun karaoke contest with prizes...


Venue Specific Special Events: Monthly Calendar

Oct. 30 - Rocky Horror & Halloween Party at Swizzles
l Oct. 31 - LAST Biddy Mulligan's show & Halloween Party
l Nov.  2 - Paw Party at Black Bear Pub, 160 Bay St. 8pm-midnight
l Nov. 12 - Paw Party at Sonny's, 1119 Baxter Rd. 9pm - 1am
l Nov. 25 - Paw Party James St. Feed Co. 9pm - 1am


is suspending Karaoke for the winter
The LAST show this year: October 31 Halloween Monday.

[photos] [schedule]

BLACK BEAR PUB (Ottawa Center)
160 Bay St.
(Albert @Bay)

Wednesdays 8pm-midnight

w/ Hound & Coyote
Beginning Nov. 2

Billed as one of the only truly authentic Scottish pubs in Ottawa, the Black Bear Pub on Bay Street is a worthy homage that no true Scotsman would deny. Located adjacent to the Bay Street Bistro in Ottawa’s touristy hotel district, the Black Bear Pub recreates the ambiance of a traditional Scottish pub right down to the last detail, making it the ideal place where friends can get together for a couple of drinks after work or class.

[map] [photos] [schedule]

BRIG PUB (Kanata)
501 Hazeldean Rd.

features Karaoke 2 nights a week!

Thursdays w/ Dog 9:30pm -1:30am
Fridays w/ Hound 10pm-2am

A fun room that often has more people partying than singing so if you like to sing lots, this is the place to be on a Thursday or Friday night!

THE LOOKOUT, 41 York St. (Market)
howl at the moon with Dog Wednesdays 9:30pm-1:30am

You gotta love the balcony overlooking the Market... oh the beautiful people!.

Bartenders Matt & Donnie (Thing 1 and Thing 2) are always upbeat, quirky & fun. You never know what they'll do next.


O'BRIEN'S, 1145 Heron Rd.
(Ottawa South)
a rousing good ole Karaoke Party EVERY


with the Dog 9:30pm-1:30am!

O'Brien's has a long standing reputation as "the place" to hold that karaoke stag, bachelor party, birthday party. In fact, there's always a party at O'Briens!
[map] [photos] [schedule]

ROYAL BRITANNIA PUB, 1475 Richmond Rd. (Ottawa West)
absolutely rocks every Thursday with our Hound 9pm-1am.

Thursdays also feature $10 pitchers.

[map] [photos] [schedule]

SONNY'S BAR & GRILL, 1119 Baxter Rd. (Ottawa West)
A brand new show
beginning Saturday Nov. 12
w/ Hound.

Saturdays 9pm-1am
Don't forget to get your paw card punched! [see paw cards]

Breakfast Special $4.49
Monday - Fri 6:30 am
Sat - Sunday 7am

35 Cent Chicken wings every night after 6pm
60oz Domestic Jug $11.11 + tax

Poutine, Onion Rings, Nachos, Garlic Cheese Bread or Zucchini Sticks only 1.99 with the purchase of a 60oz jug

[map] [photos] [schedule]

SWIZZLES, 246 Queen St.
(Ottawa Center)

is now the ONLY venue to offer ALL 3 Libraries!
[see all libraries]

Sundays 8:30pm -12:30 w/ Dog - Library #42
Tuesdays 9:30-1:30 w/ Kitty - Library #9¾
Thursdays 9:30-1:30 w/ Kitty- Library #33.3

Join the Dusty Owl Poetry Group the 3rd Sunday of every month for a special featured reader & open stage 5pm before karaoke.
[map] [photos] [schedule]

(Ottawa Center)
is the original little pub with the big heart. VIP continues its deliciously naughty karaoke nights every Wednesday & Saturday
w/ Gator

[map] [photos] [schedule]


STAFF NEWS from the stables:

Pet the Dog
Wednesdays at The LookOut, Thursdays at The Brig Pub and Fridays & Saturdays at O'Brien's and Sundays at Swizzles.

Bay with the Hound Thursdays at Royal Britannia Pub, Fridays at The Brig Pub and Saturdays at Sonny's and catch the latest comedy sensation, Coyote & The Hound Wednesdays at The Black Bear Pub.

Tickle Kitty behind the ears Tuesdays
& Thursdays at

Party with Gator Wednesdays
Saturdays at VIP

Special thanks to Beaver for his hard work attending to various daytime fundraisers this and last month.

[ Meet the entire stable ]



Pal News: visit our DOG & PONY Sound Community BLOGS to find out who's up to what. who's seen what movie, who's vacationed where, who's bought a house, a car, who needs a hug...

Congratulations to Tonya (TonTon) and Chris Tessier on their new addition. Griffin Leopold Kerr Tessier was born Friday, 7 Oct 05 at 12:52 AM, weighing in at 7 lbs, 3 oz.

Special Thanks to all of you for supporting our shows, our hosts and our company. We're proud to have been named Ottawa's Best Karaoke 4 years in a row! We couldn't have done it without your support!

Our forum is a great way to get to know the people you see at many of the shows. Currently we have over 200 registered members.

The forum is
the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community the same day we do. I post the newest songs on the forum the day they arrive (although it may take several more days to get the information on the website or printed in the new additions songbooks).

Some areas of the forum are specifically for local patrons and are only accessible to registered users. Drop me a quick message when you register so I can grant you access to the restricted zones.

Pocket Pal Paw Cards
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Pony Paw Pals support our singers by coming out to 2 or more venues to enjoy the show.

check your own pal status online
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. If you have sung at 2 or more DPS shows, ask your host for your Pal Card - wallet sized cards to keep track of the paws you've earned.

     All our hosts are equiped with:
Pal cards
for 1-20 paws, 11-20 paws and 21-30 paws
Paw punches
to punch your cards (for the paws you've earned)
Pal list
(in case you forget how many paws you've earned)

(collect the whole set)

100% cotton, silk-screened T-Shirts
"I Got Pawed"
front breast/DPS logo back
Available at all venues
S,M,L,XL -$20       XXL-$25


Personal Story Submission Via Website:

Stevie The Gator Shares

I grew up listening to Garth Brooks and other country stars thanks to my parents. Then one day we got a tape of songs from '63 and I was hooked to the old faithful songs of my parents' youth. In Grade 12 I started listening to Oldies 1310 on the radio and could sing along to all the songs which further implanted the timeless nature of a good song. That was when I realized that music will play a big part in my life.

"My life is like a movie and it needs a good soundtrack."

I've always loved to perform in front of an audience and so the idea of karaoke seemed like the greatest thing on earth. Which it ended up being! So I went out and found a fake ID so I could sneak into the bar and belt out a tune or two.

The moment that I realized how astonishing karaoke was when I did "I Love Rock n Roll" by Joan Jett with some lady I met that night in a little hole in the wall place. Since then I have gone to karaoke whenever I could. I moved to Australia for a year and tracked down a show there and brought a little Canadian flare down under.

When I moved back from Australia one of my good friends, Jeff, told me about a karaoke show within stumbling distance of my house. So of course next chance I got I went down to the Brig where I met Dog for the first time. It didn't take long for me and my friend to become regulars there. I love going cause even after I sucked it up everyone would still clap politely well I took my seat to down another glass of "courage", and decide on the next disaster.


Submit Your Personal Story for Publication.
Let us know what karaoke and community has meant to you.


Libraries OnlineOur online database has been updated as of September 1. 2005
3 libraries at a glance (the holy trinity)
Library #42 by Artist
Library #42 by Title
Library #9¾ by Artist
Library #9¾ by Title
Library #33.3 by Artist
Library #33.3 by Title
French songs
Guide to understanding our song codes
Children's songs

We've recently reprinted all of the Songbooks:
Library #42 last printing Sept 2005  [Artist] [Title] [Genre] pdf
Library #9¾ last printing Sept 2005  [Artist] [Title] [Genre] pdf
Library #33.3
last printing Oct 2005  [Artist] [Title] [Genre] pdf

We add new songs to all our libraries regularly.
Keep up to date via our forum:

New to Library #42 forum
New to Library #9¾ forum
New to Library #33.3 forum

Find Your Favorite Library:
Library #42 in use at: Swizzles, LookOut, O'Brien's & Brig Pub
Library #9¾in use at:
Swizzles, VIP, Royal Britannia & Brig Pub
Library #33.3 in use at:
Swizzles, Sonny's & Black Bear Pub

easy popup & print: [weekly calendar] [monthly calendar]

What's The Deal With...

...Song Numbering System?
Understanding Our Song Codes:

ALL karaoke disks as not created equal. There are many different manufacturers of karaoke disks.

CD+G Manufacturer Differences
CD+G Manufacturers vary widely in quality. This is due in part to the relatively young age of the industry. RCA has been recording for almost 80 years while Karaoke has existed for less than 20.

Karaoke music tracks are recorded by studio, computer and midi musicians and not the original artists, therefore, the skills of the players, sound engineer and studio manager have a great impact on the outcome.

Some studios do a better job of recreating music as it was originally recorded.

Another major factor in disk quality is the philosophy and practices of the manufacturer. Some companies record in a lower key in an attempt to make songs easier to sing. Others truncate musical breaks so singers don't stand around on stage with nothing to do. Still other may include an extra keyboard line that approximates the vocals to help those unfamiliar with the tune known as a "guide vocal".

Karaoke CD+Gs are often recorded at different levels. Some of them record very quietly while others tend to record very loudly.

As a general rule, Sound Choice and Sing To The World manufacture the best quality karaoke tracks. Sweet Georgia Brown disks often sound muddy with a very heavy bottom end. Backstage and Music Maestro are recorded at extremely low volumes and tends to be very thin and empty sounding requiring additional boasting from the mixing desk.

North American and UK based companies typically have more accurate lyric wipes than Eastern European and Asian based companies. North American & U.K. companies are also more likely to have paid the appropriate royalties for the rights to recreate the songs. Hence, Sound Choice no longer markets anything owned by Don Henley, Disney, or ABKCO as these Artists/Companies refuse to allow rights to reproduce their materials.

Our disc numbering system
Our disc numbers are comprised of four or five initial digits. The first one or two digits identify the manufacturer; the remaining two (or three) identify the disc within a series and the final two digits identify the track number.

For Example:
if you saw Play That Funky Music 8176-08 in our song libraries, the disk number would tell you that it is a SoundChoice recreation. Where the # 8 indicates Sound Choice and the last 2 digits indicate the track number. You are encouraged to pick a song with an "8" or "9" as the 1st digit as opposed to a "1" .

Our Song Codes:
10xx Sweet Georgia Brown
11xx Pocket Songs / Just Tracks
12xx Sunfly
13xx Hellavu Disk, RCA, UBest, Ultra Sonic, UKK
14xx Backstage / Standing Ovation
15xx Nikkado/NuTech (SAVA & SAVP)
16xx Music Maestro
17xx Legends / Baseline
18xx Priddis
19xx AmeriSing
20xx Coast 2 Coast, BCI, A1, Cool /Star/Hip Tracks, DJ Choice, misc
21xx Dangerous
22xx Sing It Now
23xx Performance Trax
24xx Sybersounds (Party Tyme)
25xx Chartbuster
26xx Chartbuster
28xx Madacy Karaoke Party
29xx Song Factory
32xx Doctor Music
34xx Hot stuff Karaoke Hits
35xx Mega CDG
36xx Radio Starz
37xx Country Starz
39xx Star Disc
400x Karaoke Maker
404x Sing King
407x Gamesman
41xx Zoom Entertainment
42xx TipTop
45xx Top Tunes
5xxxx Pop Hits/Rock Hits Today/Monthly
6xxxx Country/Nashville Hits Today/Monthly
7xxx DK Karaoke
8xxx Sound Choice
9xxx Sing To The World

Notice the 1st digits range from 1-9 which helps to indicate the general quality of the manufacturer.

Poor: Backstage, Standing Ovation (14xx)
Good: Ameri-sing (19xx), Sing It Now (22xx)
Better: Radio Starz (3xxx), Pop/Rock.Urban Monthly (5xxxx)
Best: Sound Choice (8xxx), Sing to the World (9xxx)

This is not an absolute. Personal preference plays a huge part in which track you will enjoy.

next month: what's the deal with...color coded libraries?


"Herbs to the Rescue"
(Mother Nature has a remedy for just about anything)

by Mark Baxter

The other day I woke up with a killer sore throat.
It was pay back for too many long nights in the studio on top of jet lag from a recent trip. Obviously, I didn’t heed my own words of warning (see free lesson entitled : Singing With a Cold ) and so I humbly insert foot in mouth. Anyway, the last time I hurt that much to swallow was years ago, on the morning of an "unplugged" show my band was playing at the Hard Rock in Boston. Luckily, I didn’t have to sing this time around; a snow storm had canceled my studio session. However, I always treat these nasty little detours as dress rehearsals for the future. Aside from catching up on some much-needed rest, piling on extra layers of clothes and forcing fluids, I reached for my trusty herbal extract.

Herbs are an excellent way for singers to treat many ailments without the adverse effects accompanied by pharmaceuticals. Drugs leave behind residues which are difficult for the body to eliminate. Sometimes the cure is more harsh than the cold. Herbs work naturally within your body, helping to fight infections and correcting imbalances. They also have a preventative quality which fortifies the immune system to recognize future intruders. Since they don’t leave behind any toxins, there is no adverse effect on your vocal membranes (such as the drying from antihistamines). The problem is that they don’t provide the big bang we’ve become accustom to from western medications, so it’s important to administer them early. In order to discover the right herbal combination and dosage, I strongly recommend experimenting on non-gig scenarios.

The best way to gain the benefits of herbs is via liquid extracts. You’ll find racks of herbal extracts in any natural food store (they come is small bottles with eye-dropper tops). The label will detail what ailments a particular herb relieves. Some claims will seem pretty far-fetched, so here’s a few I recommend for singers: Echinacea for the beginning stages of a cold. It activates the immune system, fights infections, mobilizes white blood cells. Golden Seal to reduce mucous membrane inflammation due to sinusitis, hay fever and allergies. Osha Root to loosen mucus. Slippery Elm soothes sore throats. Wild Cherry Bark is a good expectorant. Collinsonia reduces irritation in the pharynx (upper throat). Licorice Root is also good for sore throats and has mild anti-histamine properties. Astragalus Root is the best at preventing colds. It increases production of interferon and helps resist viral infections if taken daily before cold season.

Herbal extracts are also sold in combinations for greater convenience. My favorite tonic is Echinacea and Golden Seal, which is what I used to rid myself of that burning throat infection. One squirt of the eye-dropper on the back of the tongue every hour did the trick. What used to last a week was squashed in a day -- twice. I must warn you the taste is extremely bitter. If you need to, the drops can be diluted in a glass of water or juice -- or a vodka martini, I guess.

Speaking of alcohol, you might notice most extracts contain an alcohol base. This, I am told, is the best way to remove the herb’s vital resins and preserve their medicinal qualities. If you’re a recovering alcoholic, place your drops into a cup of boiling water. This will reduce the potency of the extract, but evaporate the alcohol completely. If you’re worried about the affect of alcohol on your voice, don’t be afraid. There is twice as much alcohol in a whole ripe banana than in a single dose of extract. There is, of course, loads of info on herbs throughout the web. Run a search for starters or visit your local health food store and start asking questions. So, now that I’m feeling better, it’s off to the studio for more abuse. Adios my fellow vocalteers.

Mark Baxter is a vocal therapist who offers private and video lessons. To contact him, call: (800)659-6002. Visit his website at:

(reprinted with the kind permission of Mark Baxter)


Weekly DOG & PONY sound Shows for November 2005
MonBiddy Mulligan's (Ottawa Center) 303 Bank St. 9:30pm -1:30am w/Hound until Oct. 31
TuesSwizzles (Ottawa Center) 246 Queen St. 9:30pm -1:30am w/ Miss Kitty
WedBlack Bear Pub (Ottawa Center) 160 Bay St.. 8pm-midnight w/Hound & Coyote
WedThe LookOut (Market) 41 York St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/ Dog
WedVillage Inn Pub (Ottawa Center) 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/ Gator
ThursRoyal Britannia Pub (Ottawa West) 1475 Richmond Rd.9:00pm-1:00am w/Hound
ThursThe Brig Pub (Ottawa West) 501 Hazeldean Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/ Dog
ThursSwizzles (Ottawa Center) 246 Queen St. 9:30pm -1:30am w/ Miss Kitty
FriO'Brien's Eatery & Pub (Ottawa South) 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/ Dog
FriThe Brig Pub (Ottawa West) 501 Hazeldean Rd. 10:00pm-2:00am w/Hound
SatSonny's Bar & Grill (Ottawa West) 1119 Baxter Rd. 9:00pm-1:00am w/Hound Nov. 12
SatO'Brien's Eatery & Pub (Ottawa South) 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/ Dog
SatVillage Inn Pub (Ottawa Center) 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/ Gator
SunSwizzles (Ottawa Center) 246 Queen St. 8:30pm -12:30 w/ Dog

Library #42(Blue Library) 
Library #9¾(Red Library) 
Library #33.3(Green Library)      [ click to see all Libraries ]

* No dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during our shows

Phone: (613) 820-2600 - office hours 2pm-2am daily - Karaoke Hotline 24 hrs.

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