Volume 5 Issue 5

straight from the pony's mouth



Happy Birthday May Pals

l Vincent-8th
l Chantal (Tally) 24th
l Stephane L-26th
l Raoul-29th

l Danni (Pony) will be celebrating turning 42 (the answer to life, the universe and everything) on Friday May 13th at O'Brien's.

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Ah May! The sweet smell of new grasses, May flowers and the promise of warmer months to come.

Celebrate May Day on Sunday May 1st with us at Swizzles.

This year Mother's Day is marked by a new moon on Sunday the 8th.

Coincidentally, Victoria Day will see a Full Moon on Monday the 16th.

...and now for some unusual (I swear I'm not making these up) observances:

lPrincipals' Day: 1
lStepmother's Day: 1
lSibling Appreciation Day2
llDo Dah Day: 3
lLumpy Rug Day: 3
lRelationship Renewal Day: 4
lKite Day: 4
lCartoonists Day: 5
lMelanoma Monday: 5
lSlow Down Day: 5
lChipotle Day: 5
lTrust Your Intuition Day: 10
lEat What You Want Day: 11
lLimerick Day: 12
lNeighbor Day: 18
lVisit Your Relatives Day: 18
lMorning Radio Wise Guy Day: 23
lWorld Turtle Day: 23
lBrother's Day: 24
lHug Your Cat Day: 30


We've added many new features to our message forum.
lnew chat features
llocal audition notices
llocal events
lplay online games

The forum is a great way to get to know the people you see at many of the shows. It is also the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community.

Drop us a line when you register so we can grant you special access to the forums for our local singers ...the PALS Zone.
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BRIXTON'S PUB, 210 Sparks St. (near Bank St.)
Miss Kitty & Coyote serve up the fun for all you early birds Thursdays at Brixtons Pub.

The food is incredible
so you might want to consider dinner and an Early show! 7:30-11:30pm [map] [photos]


BRIG PUB, 501 Hazeldean Rd. (Kanata) now features karaoke 2 nights a week! Thursdays with the Dog and Fridays with The Hound 9pm-1am. This is a fun room that always has more people partying than singing so if you like to sing lots, this is the place to be. [map] [photos]


THE LOOKOUT, 41 York St. (Market) Join the dog for a great howl at the moon Wednesdays 9:30pm-1:30am

One of my favorite rooms (I love the balcony overlooking the Market...oh the beautiful people!) and bartenders Matt & Donnie are always upbeat & fun. You never know what they'll do next.
[map] [photos]


O'BRIEN'S, 1145 Heron Rd. has had a face life! If you haven't been to OBeez in a while, check it out!

And now...all you can eat Lunch Buffet 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Monday to Friday and Dinner Buffet from 5-9 PM Thursday to Saturday.

...and of course karaoke EVERY Friday & Saturday with the Dog 9:30pm-1:30am!

Special Event: May 13th Pony's Birthday Party

[map] [photos]


ROYAL BRITANNIA PUB, 1475 Richmond Rd. (near where Carling & Richmond intersect) absolutely rocks every Thursday with The Hound 9pm-1am. Also on Thursdays - $10 pitchers. [map] [photos]


SWIZZLES, 246 Queen Street features Karaoke Tuesdays & Fridays with Miss Kitty 9:30-1:30 and and Sundays 8:30pm -12:30 with the Dog.

Join the Dusty Owl Poetry Group the 3rd Sunday of every month for a special featured reader & open stage 5pm before karaoke.

Special Event: Steve Muss will be the featured performer Sunday May 15th

[map] [photos]


VILLAGE INN PUB, 313 Bank St. is the original little pub with the big heart. VIP continues its deliciously naughty karaoke nights every Wednesday & Saturday 9:30-1:30 w/Miss Kitty *MEOW!

Special Event: Enjoy a one night stand with a little Pony tail. That's right! Pony will be hosting a special show at VIP on Wednesday May 25th.

[map] [photos]


...who said anything about stable management?

Coyote can be found hosting the super cool early show with Miss Kitty at Brixton's Pub every Thursday.

Our busy lil' Beaver is armed & dangerous (or at least trained & ready to party).

You can pet the Dog Sundays at Swizzles, Wednesdays at The LookOut, Thursdays at The Brig Pub and Fridays & Saturdays at O'Brien's.

Now you can stroke naughty Miss Kitty five nights a week. Tuesdays & Fridays at Swizzles, Wednesdays & Saturdays at VIP and Thursdays at the Brixton's Pub alongside the lovely and talented Coyote.

Bay with the
Hound Thursdays at Royal Britannia Pub and Fridays at The Brig Pub.

Stevie (gator) begins his training Sundays at Swizzles

[ Meet the entire stable ]


Congratulations to Marcel & Marie-France (Pooh Bear & Kanga)...they're looking forward to little Marcel III! That's right! "Baby Roo" is planning to be a Boy!

Mitch (Chinchilla) is actively auditioning for various theatre schools and should have news for us soon.

lMike S (Monkey) is busy rehearsing for the Orpheus Musical Theatre Society's upcoming production of OLIVER! stay tuned, production dates are June 3-11.

lSteve Muss will be the featured performer at Swizzles for The Dusty Owl Gathering Sunday May 15.

lMike (Biny the Beaver) enjoyed a day in the sun recently when one of his shots was "picture of the day" on CanadaNewsWire.

Pony turns 42 and is looking to purchase shares in Elmer's Glue.

lThanks to Dan (chameleon) and Grant for generously donating disks to the libraries.

Thanks to Scotty (Cougar) for pitching in this past Friday when you-know-who was "sick as a dog".

lSpecial Thanks to all of you for supporting our shows, our hosts and our company. We're proud to have been named Ottawa's Best Karaoke 4 years in a row! But we couldn't have done it without your support! 


Puppy Paw Pals have sung at 2 (or more) of our venues and have earned the paws for each venue
Pony Paw Pals support our singers by coming out to 2 or more venues to enjoy the show.
l check your own pal status online
l update your pal status


Libraries OnlineWe frequently add new songs to our libraries [see latest additions here]

We've recently modified and updated our online library. It now includes:
l3 libraries at a glance *new
lLibrary #42 by Artist
lLibrary #42 by Title
lLibrary #9¾ by Artist
lLibrary #9¾ by Title
lLibrary #33.3 by Artist
lLibrary #9¾ by Title
lGuide to understanding our song codes
lFrench songs (not complete)
lChildren's songs (not complete) [see all libraries here] [updated April 2005]

And now: a printable Master PDF FILE of all songs in all of our libraries can be downloaded here

GREAT NEWS! You don't have to be takin' our songbooks home with you!!! You can download & print all of our songbooks exactly as you see them at our shows: by Artist, Title and Genre FREE!
[last printing Jan 2005]

You can also Print your own Request Slips
to bring with you to the shows.
[pdf] [html]

Join our message board to keep up on the latest news, weather & sports...uh...songs, shows & events.

Find Your Favorite Library:
Library #42 in use at: LookOut, O'Brien's, Swizzles & Brig Pub
Library #9¾ in use at:
Swizzles, VIP & Royal Britannia
Library #33.3 in use at:
Brixton's British Pub & Brig Pub


Which mic is best for you?
We recently purchased some beautiful new microphones - Audix OM2's for each system. They are the "yellow mics".
You can find out more about each system, library, & host at each of your favorite venues on our "equipment page".

Tips for our singers:
You've no doubt noticed each system has a red, blue & yellow mic as well as a host mic. Did you know that the BEST mics are provided for you, the singer? We use a general all purpose mic such as the Sampson R11 for our hosts.

The yellow mics
in all systems are Audix OM2's. Perfect for tenors, altos and sopranos. They are an excellant live performance mic preferred by Alanis, Blink 182, Springsteen.

The red mics
in all systems are Behringer XM8500's. They are best suited for low bass and baritone voices as they help to clarify muddiness. Conversely, if your voice is high, weak, or thin this mic may be prone to feedback for you. The XM8500's are the mic of choice for Alice Cooper.

The blue mics in systems 1 & 3 are Shure SM58's and in system 2 is an Audio Technica ATMHE41. A fantastic mic for power chicks.

We have reversed the polarity of the blue mics in all systems making them less prone to feedback when used close to another mic. So...when singing a duet, choose the blue mic and any other combination


Excerpts from "Let Yourself Sing" (If only it were that easy . . . hey, it is!)
by Mark Baxter

"The hardest part is getting started. The good news is you already have. Any causal singing youíve ever done in the past counts, including in the shower. Itís dark inside your throat; your larynx doesnít know whether youíre alone or singing for thousands. Your mind is what causes the problems, which is why Iím suggesting you lighten up a little. Distract your doubting side by asking simple questions. How many animals can you imitate? Both the moo of a cow and the howl of a wolf are excellent ways to loosen up tight vocal muscles. If that feels too silly, then pretend you just took a bite of something delicious. What sound would you make to convey your delight? Once you gotten your voice active, explore the boundaries. How high and low can you sing without changing any facial muscles? Is it easier move your voice around while humming or when producing an EE or an AH vowel sound? How long can you sustain a comfortable pitch? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Everyoneís voice is unique. These kinds of observations, though, are a better monitor of development than what other people say about your singing."

[Read the rest of this article]


Serving your singing fixes 6 nights a week
  • Tues Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Kitty
  • Wed The LookOut, 41 York St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
  • Wed Village Inn Pub, 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Kitty
  • Thurs Royal Britannia,1475 Richmond Rd. 9-1 w/Hound
  • Thurs Brig Pub,501 Hazeldean Rd. 9-1 w/Dog
  • Thurs Brixton's Pub,210 Sparks 7:30-11:30 w/Kitty & Coyote
  • Fri O'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30-1:30 w/Dog
  • Fri Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Kitty
  • Fri Brig Pub,501 Hazeldean Rd. 9-1 w/Hound
  • Sat O'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30-1:30 w/Dog
  • Sat Village Inn Pub, 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Kitty
  • Sun Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 8:00pm-12:30am w/Dog

* No dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during our shows

Phone: (613) 820-2600 - office hours 2pm-2am daily

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