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Venue News

NEW VENUE!!! [map]
501 Hazeldean
Kanata Thursdays 9pm-1am. It features the Dog and Library #42. "How much is that doggie in the window?"

Village Inn Pub 313 Bank St. is back to its deliciously naughty ways every Wednesday & Saturday
9:30-1:30 w/Miss Kitty

[map] [photos]

Royal Britannia Pub 1475 Richmond Rd. 9pm-1am Thursdays are a blast! Young, hip AND cool
w/Föxxx & The Hound [map] [photos]

Swizzles, 246 Queen Street Tuesdays & Fridays 9:30-1:30 and Sundays 8pm -12:30. Yes indeedy, the Sunday show has been extended to accomodate all you party animals.

Also...catch the Dusty Owl Poetry Group the 3rd Sunday of every month at Swizzles(5pm before karaoke. [map] [photos]

O'Brien's, 1145 Heron Rd. just keeps rockin' three years strong! EVERY Friday & Saturday 9pm-1am! [map] [photos]

The LookOut, 41 York St. Wednesdays - New hours - now 'til 1:30 to accomodate all the wild and wacky fun! 2 weeks ago saw pajama party karaoke, last week was "funny nametag" night...who knows what next week will bring??? But one thing is certain, you can always join the dog for a great howl at the moon. 9:30pm-1:30am [map] [photos]

General News

Nominate your favorite performers for the 2nd Annual Singer Showcase & Revue at Barrymore's

We’re putting over 40 of our best singers on the Barrymore’s stage for our 2nd DOG & PONY Sound Singer Showcase and Revue.

Who is eligible to sing on the Barrymore’s stage?
All Dog & Pony Pals are eligible. A D&P Pal is a singer who has supported D&P by attending shows at 2 or more different venues. We have posted photos of all of our D&P Pals on our website. You may choose up to 25 of your favorite singers. [see pals photos]

By choosing up to 25 people (in order of your preference) you not only help to support this event but you also have a hand in the programming.

Who will sing? You decide. You pick the singers you want to hear perform on this historic stage. The top 3 singers who obtain the highest number of peer votes will perform 3 songs each, the next 2 will perform 2 songs each and 40 more performers will each have the opportunity to perform on the Barrymore’s stage during a 4 hour, non stop talent extravaganza.

Who may vote?
Everyone! If you have a favorite singer or singers you may vote.
Each person may submit only one ballot. However, you may vote for up to 25 different people on that ballot. You may not vote for the same person more than once.

How to vote?
1. Download a voting form online [here]
Obtain a voting form from your host
* email your votes to:

2. Return the form to your host with the appropriate fee. $2 per vote up to 25 votes or $50 max.
Pay online using PayPal account:

*you may email your votes if using paypal to submit your voting fee

Join our message board to be 1st to know about new shows, parties, special events, new songs etc.

The 1st time you visit our forum you will have access to the General areas and Venue Zones. After you sign up, let us know and we will grant you access to the private forums.

Thanks for naming
DOG & PONY sound

4 years in a row!

We couldn't have done it without your support!


We hope your Christmas was warm and fuzzy & chock full of fun and friends.

We had shows running all through the holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day) to give everyone a chance to get out and cut loose.

New Years eve was a blast with two shows; Swizzles and O'Brien's. New Years Day also offered two shows, one at O'Brien's and one at VIP. OB's also hosted a
karaoke themed murder mystery on New Years Eve.

Pal News

Pal of The Month
Andrew Galligan
(a.k.a. puppy)

Congratulations to Biny (Mike Heffernan) & Wendy on their recent ring exchanging Ceremony. It's been an exciting couple of months for Mike given the launch of his shiny new website: v.0.0.2
and the wonderful article in the citizen this past week featuring his company OpusEdge.

Congratulations to Tonya (TonTon) and husband Chris on their new house and to Pete and the lovely Sue on their new home.

Roxy & Neal are settling nicely into their new home. They moved in just before Christmas.

Congratulations to Steve Muss whose hard work and determinism (as well as enormous talent) has landed his band Sandstorm numerous gigs these past few months as well a radio spot and a contract to play the Ottawa 67's hockey games. [sandstorm website]

Congratulations to Robyn for winning a way cool riding toy - "The Plasma Car" on a radio show. Many many thanks to Robyn for giving it to our kids :)

Thanks to Les & Bruce for adding a new way cool disk of Sondheim showtunes to the 9¾ library.

Congratulations to Robin Duetta for launching his new Club, Level 2 on Rideau Street.

Thanks to Monique, our Miss Kitty, for all of her hard work and dedication to D&P and to the community as a whole. Moe is not only a wonderfully naughty and often over-the-top lovable host for DOG & PONY Sound, she is also, most recently, treasurer to the Pride committee.

Thanks to Föxxx & Hound, our Misty & Richie, for dropping what they were doing on a moments notice and relieving Miss Kitty mid-show when she recently broke her foot on a patron (just try to figure out how that happened).

Happy Birthday January Pals: Cait (Glam Kitty) 7th, Mark (aka Tonik) 18th, Misty (aka Föxxx) 23rd and Christopher (The Dog himself) 31st. The Dog will be celebrating his birthday Sunday Jan. 30th at Swizzles. When the clock strikes 12...we'll see how many of you can teach an old dog new tricks ;)

Add your name to the online
Pals Birthday Calendar

You can also update your DOG & PONY Palsstatus online!

Staff News

Pet the dog Tuesdays & Sundays at Swizzles, Wednedays at The LookOut, Thursdays at THE BRIG PUB and Fridays & Saturdays at O'Brien's.

Stroke the naughty Miss Kitty Fridays at Swizzles and Wednesdays & Saturdays at VIP.

Catch Föxxx & the Hound Thursdays at
Royal Britannia Pub

or attempt to tame a Wildcat the occassional Saturday at

Meet the entire stable

Song Library News

All our Song Libraries are online:
[see all libraries here]

You can download & print all of our newest libraries by Artist, Title and Genre [here] FREE. Please don't be takin' our songbooks home with you.

You can also Print your own Request Slips to bring with you. [pdf] [html]

The newest songs added to the libraries since the last songbook publishing are [here]!

Show listings January 2005:
  • Tues Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm -1:30am w/Dog
  • Wed The LookOut, 41 York St. 9:30pm -1:30am w/Dog
  • Wed Village Inn Pub, 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Miss Kitty
  • Thurs Royal Britannia,1475 Richmond Rd. 9pm-1am w/ Föxxx& The Hound
  • Thurs Brig Pub,501 Hazeldean Rd. 9pm-1am w/Dog
  • Fri O'Brien's Eatery & Pub, 1145 Heron Rd. 9pm-1am w/Dog
  • Fri Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm -1:30am w/Miss Kitty
  • Sat O'Brien's Eatery & Pub, 1145 Heron Rd. 9pm-1am w/Dog
  • Sat Village Inn Pub, 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Miss Kitty
  • Sun Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 8:00pm-12:30am "Early" Show w/Dog

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