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Shanon & Barb

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We feature a different Pal every month as a thank you to those special people who have shared their support and friendship not only with us, but with the entire community.

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Happy Birthday to our
December Pals!

  7 Cory
13 Laura B.
11 Delaney
20 Mike S.
26 Libby
27 DanO
31 SteveO

23 Mike & Wendy's anniversary

Add your name to the Pals Birthday Calendar
lChanukah 25-Jan.1
Winter Solstice 21
lChristmas Eve 24
lChristmas Day 25
lBoxing Day 26
lNew Years Eve 31

The full moon will grace us on Thursday the 15th. A great night to howl with Kitties & Hounds at the Brig & Royal Britannia.

...and now for some unusual, fun or just plain whack
December observances:

Monthly Observances
-Bingo's Birthday Month
-Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month
-National Drunk & Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month
-National Stress-free Family Holidays Month
-National Sign Up for Summer Camp Month
-National Tie Month
-Safe Toys and Gifts Month
-Spiritual Literacy Month
-Take a New Year's Resolution to Stop Smoking (TANYRSS) (12/10 - 2/17)
-Universal Human Rights Month

Weekly Observances:
-Fig 1-7
-World Communication 1-7
-Dear Santa Letter 5-9
-Kids' Goal Setting 6-10
-World Kindness 7-13
-Animal Shelter Appreciation 7-13
-Pursuit of Happiness 8-14
-Farm-City 17-23
-Family 19-25
-Game & Puzzle 19-25
-Bible 19-26
-Better Conversation 20-26
-Travelers with Disabilities 11/26 - 12/3

Daily Observances
-Bifocals at the Monitor -Liberation Day:1
-Day With(out) Art Day:1
-World Aids Day:1
-Intl Day for the Abolition of Slavery:2
-Coats for Kids Day:2
-Special Education Day:2
-Intl Day of Disabled Persons:3
-Chase's Calendar of Events Birthday:4
-Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day:4
-National Dice Day:4
-Bathtub Party Day:5
-International Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Development:5
-National Communicate with Your Baby Day:5
-Ntnl Pawnbrokers Day:6
-Special Kids Day:6
-St. Nicholas Day:6
-National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day:7
-Intl Civil Aviation Day:7
-Day Of The Horse:9
-Intl Shareware Day:9
-Human Rights Day:10
-Intl Mountain Day:11
-Gingerbread House Day:12
-Poinsettia Day:12
-Bill of Rights Day:15
-Cat Herders Day:15
-Underdog Day:15
-Barbie & Barney Backlash Day:16
-Wright Brothers Day:17
-Intl Migrants Day:18
-Sacagawea Day:20
-Mudd Day:20
-Forefathers Day:21
-Humbug Day:21
-Phileas Fogg Win A Wager Day:21
-World Peace Day/Winter Solstice:21
-Abilities Day:22
-A'Phabet Day or No "L" Day:25
-Boxing Day:26
-National Whiner's Day:26
-Pledge of Allegiance Day:28
-Tick Tock Day:29
-No Interruptions Day:29
-Leap Second Time -Adjustment Day:31
-Make Up Your Mind Day:31
-One Voice Day:31
-Universal Hour of Peace Day:31
-World Peace Meditation Day:31


Now all of the registered users on our message forum can enjoy their own personal BLOG hosted on our site FREE.

I'd like to encourage all our members to put a little something together (profile, interests, a few musings, stuff that you'd like to share). As ours is essentially a community that actually meets in the real world.

The forum and blogs help to break the ice with people who you regularily see on the periphery but haven't yet gotten to know (or might not have previously known that you'd like to get to know better).

So take a wee bit of time and put a small blog together, maybe copy an entry or two from one of your other blogs here to save you the time.

We'd love to hear and see from you.

Adding your birthday to the
Calendar is easy. Simply add your birthday to your profile when you join the forum and it will automatically appear on the calendar each year.

You can also add special events such as your birthday party. Let us all know where and when you will be celebrating.

The forum is a great way to get to know the people you see at many of the shows. It is also the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community. Keep up on the latest news, weather & sports...uh...songs, shows & events.

Drop us a line when you register so we can give you access to the special areas for our local singers ...
-the PALS Zone-.

We're always adding new photos to all the venue galleries.

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l Special Events: Christmas & New Years Party Schedule * Paw Party Royal Oak Orleans Dec. 16th *
l Venue News: New Venue: Puzzles beginning Dec. 16 * New Monday show: Now Sunday, Monday & Tuesday at Swizzles *special events
l Staff News: What's happening in the stables
l Pal News: Paws for thought
l Pal Stories: Pal's Personal Stories - Terry the Coyote tells all
l Pal Birthdays: Pals don't get older they get wiser
l Song Library News: New Songs
l Singing Tips: "Don’t Wait to Hydrate" (How to properly water the voice)
l What's The Deal With... The Rotation part II
l Show Schedule: December 2005         [Print Monthly Calendar]

Winter can be harsh on vocal cords, especially the dry forced air from most furnaces and heating systems. In this newsletter we bring you tips on hydrating your throat during the harsh winter climate. Plus we take another look at the concept of fair rotations, and bring you exciting news about more new shows & paw parties, special events, schedule changes and much more...

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! Happy New Year!
& Happy Birthday to BINGO (the past time, not the dog)!

December also marks Bathtub Party Day on the 5th, Day Of The Horse on the 9th and Cat Herders Day on the 15th. [more]

Begin your week with a BANG at Swizzles! The Swiz is now offering Karaoke Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays for your enjoyment. Plus a clothing swap 7pm every Monday in December. [more]

We bring you tidings of another new venue this month: Give a great big DOG & PONY style welcome to Puzzles Sports Bar beginning Saturday December 16th. [more]

Don't forget to get your PAL Card punched. If you don't yet have your wallet sized card to keep track of the paws you've earned, ask your host for your Pal Card.
[see Pal News for more info]

What's The Deal With..?. This month we take another look at our rotation system.



Royal Oak Orleans
1982 St. Joseph Blvd.
Royaloke! One Night Only!
Thursday Dec. 15

Puzzles Sports Bar
344 Richmond Rd.
Friday Dec. 16

Swizzles has added Mondays!
Sun & Mon
w/Dog        Tues w/Kitty [more]
beginning Jan 6th- FRIDAYS ARE BACK!

VIP moved to Thursdays & Saturdays


Venue Specific Special Events: Monthly Calendar

Dec. 5  - New Monday Show at Swizzles 9:00pm - 1:00am
Dec.16 - Paw Party at Puzzles, 344 Richmond Rd. 9:30pm - 1:30am

Dec.24 - Christmas Eve at VIP w/ Dog. 9:30pm - 1:30am
No show Christmas Eve at O'Briens or Sonny's

Dec.31 - New Years Eve at O'Briens w/Dog
Dec.31 - New Years Eve at VIP w/Gator
 No show New Years Eve at Sonny's - Karaoke resumes following week.

Black Bear - no karaoke last 2 weeks Dec. & 1st week Jan.
Black Bear - Karaoke resumes Jan. 11
[see schedule]

344 Richmond Rd.
(at Churchill)

Fridays 9:00pm-1:00am

w/ Kitty
Beginning Dec.16

Wheelchair accessible, FREE parking

[map] [photos] [schedule]

(Ottawa Center)

160 Bay St.
(Albert @Bay)

Wednesdays 8pm-midnight

w/ Hound & Coyote

Come enjoy the warmth and charm of the Black Bear Pub.

Holiday Schedule:
Dec. 7, 14 Karaoke 8-12
Dec. 21, 28 & Jan 4 -no karaoke

Karaoke resumes Jan. 11

[map] [photos] [schedule]

BRIG PUB (Kanata)

We have left the Brig


41 York St.

9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog

Bartenders Matt & Donnie (Thing 1 and Thing 2) are always upbeat, quirky & fun. You never know what they'll do next.


O'BRIEN'S (Ottawa South)
1145 Heron Rd.

& Saturdays
9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog

O'Brien's has a long standing reputation as "the place" to hold that stag, bachelor party, birthday party. Always a party at O'Briens!

Holiday Schedule:
Closed Christmas Eve. (no karaoke)

[map] [photos] [schedule]

1475 Richmond Rd.

Thursdays 9pm-1am w/Hound

Thursdays also feature $10 pitchers.

[map] [photos] [schedule]

SONNY'S BAR & GRILL, 1119 Baxter Rd. (Ottawa West)

Saturdays 9pm-1am w/ Hound

Breakfast Special $4.49
Monday - Fri 6:30 am
Sat - Sunday 7am

35¢ Chicken wings every night after 6pm 60oz Domestic Jug $11.11 + tax

Poutine, Onion Rings, Nachos, Garlic Cheese Bread or Zucchini Sticks only 1.99 with the purchase of a 60oz jug

Holiday Schedule:
Closed Christmas Eve. (no karaoke)
New Years Eve. (no karaoke) -Karaoke resumes January

Sonny's Christmas entertainment includes a "karaoke challenge" on Sat. Dec. 3rd. Sonny's is also collecting toys and money for the "Spirit of Christmas", a food and toy Christmas package program for unpriviledged families.

[map] [photos] [schedule]

SWIZZLES (Ottawa Center)
246 Queen St.

Winner of Ottawa's Best Bartender!

and the ONLY venue to offer ALL 3 Libraries!
[see all libraries]

*Clothing Swap every Monday in Dec.*
Bring your gently used clothes and swap 'em for a whole new wardrobe! 7pm

Sundays 8:00pm -12:30 w/Dog - Library #42
Mondays 9:00-1:00 w/Dog -Library #42
9:30-1:30 w/Kitty - Library #9¾

Swizzles offers a comfy lounge, great stage for singers and new speaker placement for even better sound!

Returning Jan 6th - FRDAYS 9:30-1:30 w/Dog - Library #33.3

Join the Dusty Owl Poetry Group the 3rd Sunday of every month for a special featured reader & open stage 5pm before karaoke.
[map] [photos] [schedule]

VILLAGE INN PUB (Ottawa Center)
313 Bank St.

The original little pub with the big heart. VIP continues its deliciously naughty karaoke nights every Thurssday & Saturday
w/ Gator

Holiday Schedule:



STAFF NEWS from the stables:

Pet the Dog Wednesdays at
The LookOut, Fridays & Saturdays at O'Brien's and Sundays & Mondays at Swizzles.

Bay with the Hound Thursdays at Royal Britannia Pub, Saturdays at Sonny's and catch the latest comedy sensation, Coyote & The Hound Wednesdays at The Black Bear Pub.

Tickle Kitty behind the ears Tuesdays at Swizzles & beginning Dec.16th, Fridays at Puzzles.

Party with Gator Thursdays
Saturdays at VIP

[ Meet the entire stable ]



Congratulations to Mike (Biny the Beaver) & Wendy on their 1st Anniversary Dec. 23rd!

We wish much Liam luck & love as he and Kitty head off to Las Vegas to audition for Nashville Star.

Huge kudos to Marcel & Adam for breaking the 25 paw mark!

For more Pal News visit the DOG & PONY Sound Community BLOGS to find out who's up to what. who's seen what movie, who's vacationed where, who's bought a house, a car, who needs a hug...

The forum is a great way to get to know the people you see at many of the shows. Currently we have over 225 registered members.

The forum is the 1st place to learn about special events, parties, newest songs and what's happening in the community
the same day we do. I post the newest songs on the forum the day they arrive (although it may take several more days to get the information on the website or printed in the new additions songbooks).

Some areas of the forum are specifically for local patrons and are only accessible to registered users. Drop me a quick message when you register so I can grant you access to the restricted zones.

check your own pal status online
update your pal status

. If you have sung at 2 or more DPS shows, ask your host for your Pal Card - wallet sized cards to keep track of the paws you've earned.

100% cotton, silk-screened T-Shirts
"I Got Pawed"
front breast/DPS logo back
Available at all venues
M,L,XL -$20


Pal's Personal Stories:

Music has been a part of my life since the very beginning. When I was just a few months old, my Mom would take me to Choir Practice with her and as long as there was singing I was quiet but as soon as the singing stopped, my crying would begin. Luckily for Dog and Pony patrons, I've outgrown the crying when the singing stops.

My first karaoke experience was in Campbellton, New Brunswick (my hometown) when "way too many beers" led to an incoherent version of "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) that is still talked about on the streets of Campbellton. (There really isn't a lot of excitement in New Brunswick.)

Karaoke re-entered my life when about seven years ago my annual birthday tradition happened quite by accident. After "way too many beers" at the Royal Oak, my friends and I ended up at a bar that was doing Karaoke. I decided that every year would be a Royal Oak-ee birthday celebration, and the addiction began.

And then a year ago, I was told about Dog & Pony Sound and the addiction became full blown. The past year allowed me to get rid of any inhibitions that I may have still had about singing in public ( a few rounds of Dar-E-Oke will do that to you.) and to meet some of the best darn singers in Ottawa.ny and the rest of the barnyard. I'm happy t

~Terry (Coyote)

Submit Your Personal Story for Publication.
Let us know what karaoke and community has meant to you.


Libraries OnlineWe add new songs to all our libraries regularly. Last month we added 100's of new songs on November 1, 7, 14, 18 and 22.

Keep up to date via our forum:

New to Library #42 forum
New to Library #9¾ forum
New to Library #33.3 forum

Find Your Favorite Library:

Library #42 in use at: Swizzles, LookOut, O'Brien's & Brig Pub
Library #9¾in use at:
Swizzles, VIP, Royal Britannia & Brig Pub
Library #33.3 in use at:
Swizzles, Sonny's, Black Bear Pub & Puzzles

easy popup & print: [weekly calendar] [monthly calendar]

What's The Deal With...

...The Rotation Pt. II
Last month we talked about common sense tips to ensure you don't get missed in a rotation (like using one name consistently all evening and clearly identifying yourself by using a last name, initial or nickname).

This month we'll talk a little more on the concept of "fair rotation". We pride ourselves on running a fair show. Even then, on occassion, a person may feel another has had more turns.

Picture this scenario: A guy in a red ball cap lines up early to be among the first on a new thrill ride. You want to ride too but haven't quite found the nerve so you wait on the sidelines and watch ballcap guy have a blast, get off the ride and get back into line. Still not ready, you go and get yourself a soda and come back in time to see ballcap guy get on the ride again. You drink your soda and head to the ticket booth. When you come back, ballcap guy is back in line again. Now you get in line 5 people behind him but the ride fills up just before you reach the head of the line.

Do you start yelling "It's not fair! That ballcap guy has had 3 turns already and I haven't had one!"? Likely not.

The main difference between scenarios like this and a Karaoke rotation tends to be alcohol (which often makes One's desires feel more immediate and pressing). We understand that. Which is why...
Our rotation is treated very much like a lineup. It may feel unfair if 10 eager people are already in line when you put your song slip up. But be assured, we ALWAYS get to people in the order their slips came in.

As discussed last month, a large "rotation" typically goes for about 1½ hours and then goes around again. If you have not put yourself up for a turn yet, not to worry, we fit new singers into the rotation (so you don't have to wait until the very end of the line to get into the fun).

You can trust that:
-Once you've put yourself in line you won't see another singer get up twice before you've had a turn (although it could feel like that if you had not put yourself in the line ealier - remember red ballcap guy)?
-We can not be bribed, begged or threatened to bump someone in line.
-We treat everyone who comes to sing with us as a friend.

We work very hard to make things fair & fun for everyone!

So get in line, grab a drink & have fun!

next month: what's the deal with...color coded libraries?


"Don’t Wait to Hydrate"
(How to properly water the voice)

by Mark Baxter

Every car comes with an owner’s manual which instructs you to pull over immediately if the oil light on the dash illuminates. A better idea, if you’re in the habit of waiting until the trouble light comes on before taking care of your engine, would be to put a "for sale" sign on the vehicle. Allowing a car to run without enough lubrication is a sure recipe for trouble down the road. The same is true for singers who don’t keep themselves hydrated. Without adequate protection, the activity of singing causes the membranes in the larynx to swell. The problem is friction. The body has a natural solution, however, if we would only follow the owner’s manual for our bodies.

Keeping yourself hydrated is an all-day affair. Often, we wait until we’re thirsty to reach for a drink. This is too late for singers -- especially once you’re on stage. It takes at least twenty minutes, on an empty stomach, for water to cycle around your system and show up at the membranes where it’s needed. Other beverages take longer because they must be digested. This means drinks on stage don’t take effect until after the set. So why does it feel like a quick swig of something between songs offers immediate relief? Two reasons: The first is that there are receptors in the throat which signal the brain that fluids are on the way. The second is the physical action of swallowing.

Contrary to belief, nothing we swallow touches the vocal folds. All of the potions singers consume in an effort to wet their whistle are channeled away from the larynx by the epiglottis and sent down the esophagus. It’s just as well. Like the eye, the larynx should be awash in saline, not tea or honey. Even if your drink seeps down to the vocal folds, the air stream created to sing promptly blow-dries the area. If you are driving your voice hard, or are nervous, the muscles in the throat tighten. The tension closes the saliva ducts designated for the larynx. Like blinking, swallowing changes the muscles’ position for a second and allows the ducts to open and relubricate -- that’s if you are hydrated in the first place.

Two thirds of your body weight is water. It would make sense, then, to replace what’s lost with the same. A general rule is to consume 1Ú2 an ounce of water for every pound of body weight per day. The water you eat counts, so if you’re not fond of drinking the stuff, load up on high-water content foods like raw fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, beer, coffee and sodas don’t count. Even though each contains mostly water, their ingredients trigger the body to flush itself, leaving you with less water than before. Certain foods will also drain your internal water supply. Since digestion is the number one priority of the body, when we fill up on low-water foods like breads, crackers, chips, cheese and prepared meats and potatoes, the throat and larynx are robbed of hydration to make up the deficit. Basically, if you have to have something to drink with a meal, the foods you are eating are too concentrated. A good routine would be to hydrate well before a meal so you won’t feel the need to dilute your digestive process. I know this goes against the ever-so-common practice of eating and drinking at the same time, but that tradition was not put in place so we would sing better.

Athletes hydrate well before a game so their muscles don’t cramp; singers should do the same. Maintaining a lubricated larynx means you’ll be able to swallow during a song without sucking on a water bottle. Remember, rehearsals are no easier on your instrument than gigs, so get into the habit of staying hydrated. If your budget is tight, there’s nothing wrong with tap water. It’s a good idea to filter it, though, to remove the chlorine. It’s best to drink water at room temperature to avoid tensing throat muscles. No matter what style music you sing, you will notice a significant improvement in your vocal longevity once you get yourself up to specs. A good measure of a proper water level is clear urine. Since there is no light on our bodies to warn us when we’re running low, let the following statement be your mantra, "Don’t wait -- to hydrate"

Mark Baxter is a vocal therapist who offers private and video lessons. To contact him, call: (800)659-6002. Visit his website at:

(reprinted with the kind permission of Mark Baxter)


                           Serving Your Singing Fix 7 Nights A Week!
Weekly DOG & PONY sound Shows for December 2005
SunSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 8:00pm-12:30 w/Dog
MonSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:00pm-1:00 w/Dog
Swizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Kitty
WedLookOut, 41 York St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
WedBlack Bear Pub, 160 Bay St. 8pm-midnight w/Hound & Coyote
ThursVillage Inn Pub, 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Gator
ThursRoyal Britannia Pub, 1475 Richmond Rd. 9:00pm-1:00am w/Hound
FriO'Brien's Eatery & Pub, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
344 Richmond Rd. 9:00pm -1:00am w/Kitty
FriSwizzles, 246 Queen St. 9:00pm-1:00 w/Dog beginning Jan 6
SatO'Brien's Eatery & Pub, 1145 Heron Rd. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Dog
SatSonny's Bar & Grill, 1119 Baxter Rd. 9:00pm-1:00am w/Hound
SatVillage Inn Pub, 313 Bank St. 9:30pm-1:30am w/Gator

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