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If you are planning to travel, check out these DOG & PONY approved
Karaoke Shows Around the World!

These are shows run by our colleagues. We trust they will show you a great time!

Paws For Thought: Straight from the Pony's mouth!

Swizzles, 246 Queen Street continues the tradition: Karaoke with Dog & Pony Sound every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and sizzlin' male dancers Wednesdays and Saturdays. Catch up on all Swizzles events at their new website: www.swizzles.ca

Sunday karaoke at Swizzles is an early show 7-11pm. The 1st TUESDAY of every month at Swizzles is Movie Tunesday! A movie musical followed by karaoke till you drop. Beat the February Blahs - February 3rd, 8pm, sing along to the smash hit "CHICAGO". Fridays at Swizzles is a packed house with Miss Kitty...purrrrrfect!

Catch American Idol on the huge 52" tv at Swizzles every Tuesday followed by karaoke with The Dog.

Canadian Idol auditions are in Ottawa on February 13th. Pony will be running Miss Kitty's Friday night show until the auditions are over. We want everyone who auditioned to join us at Swizzles afterwards for a little Idol Worship!

This month, join the Hawk at the Lookout, 41 York St. for the month end party that only occurs once every 4 years...that's right kiddies...it's a Leap Year Show
February 29th
! 8pm to midnight!

O'Brien's just keeps rockin' with Dog Fridays & Wildcat Saturdays. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the Dog's birthday at O'Brien's. Oh what fun! I think it really is the birthday he'll never remember. Not bad for 294 (in dog years).

If you haven't been treated to a V.I.P. show you're missing out. There's a slightly different flavour to the Village Inn Pub shows, 313 Bank St. ...spicey! Dog gets down 'n dirty every Wednesday while Miss Kitty out drags the drag queens every Saturday 9:30-1:30.

Congratulations to DOG & PONY Pals Dann Oickle, Adam Goldberg, and Al Labelle who all won parts in the stage play musical extraviganza TOMMY! We'll keep you posted on out message board as to when the play opens.

Check out our message board for lively discussions, late breaking news, and the latest songs. This is where we keep you updated on upcoming auditions, parties and more.

DOG & PONY Pals Marcel & Marie-France will wed on Saturday February 28th!
Congratulations to a wonderful couple!

And...as always, we've added new songs to our ever-growing libraries.

Venue News:
The LookOut Next Party -Sunday February 29th [more]
Swizzles Movie Tunesday February 3rd- CHICAGO![more]

Staff News:
Because our KJ's are so well loved...we "share" them with all our venues.

Now Appearing:

1145 Heron Rd.

Fridays & Saturdays

2 Great Nights Back-to-Back!

Voted Ottawa's BEST Karaoke!

Check Out
The O'Brien's Sen's Party Bus
Limo from OBeez to the Game & Back

[map]     [photos]


Join us at "The Swiz" 246 Queen St. for Karaoke
Tuesdays - 9:30pm - 1:30am
Library #42 with Dog
Fridays -
9:30pm - 1:30am 
Library #9¾ with Miss Kitty
Sundays - 7-11pm
Library #42 with Dog & Pony - Early show!

Voted Ottawa's BEST Karaoke!


313 Bank St.

"Dog's Night Out"


Prowl with
Naughty "Miss Kitty"

 41 York St.




Next Party: Sunday February 29th
with The Hawk

New DOG & PONY Songs:

We're always getting new songs!
Check the BACK of the songbooks each week!

  • Check the new releases online to see if we've acquired your favorite tunes! 

view all DOG & PONY song libraries

Karaoke Fun! Singing TipsMicrophone Tips: Mic Technique 101
"What's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin"

We invest a lot of money in high end equipment
to help you sound your very best.
Our microphones are no exception!

Our mics are EXTREMELY sensitive unidirectional instruments. They do not pick up surrounding sounds. They only pick up the direct stream of sound from your lips to the sensitive element inside the head.

Before singing, speak into the mic to test if it's on. We'll activate the mic and adjust the levels for you.

Please don't tap, bang or blow into the mic. That could damage the sensitive element and they can cost a lot of money to replace.

It is important to hold the mic in front of your mouth at about a 90° angle a couple of inches and slightly to the side of from your mouth for best sound quality. Do not cup the head of the mic. This creates muffled distortion and often, severe feedback.

DO NOT put your lips on the mic! It will make you sound YUCKY, MUSHY, BLURRY, MUFFLED, AND your voice will become an amplified mess of BUZZ sounds! ack!

We want you to sound your best! Hold the mic an inch or two from your mouth and we will give you all the volume you need to sound your best. If you hold the mic to your lips, we are forced to turn the mic down because of the awful buzzing noises this creates.


...on the 7th day we rested

DOG & PONYSound show listings for February 2004:

  No dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during our shows!

KAPA - Karaoke Anti-Pirating AgencyC.A.K.E.