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If you are planning to travel, check out these DOG & PONY approved
Karaoke Shows Around the World!

These are shows run by our colleagues. We trust they will show you a great time!


The New Songbooks Are Here! The New Songbooks Are Here!

Library #42 is now completely updated.
The old Library #42 songbooks are now on sale for $5.

Library #9¾ is amost ready for reprinting as well!

The updated pdf files are all online:

View: HTML: Last Printing March 2003
Library #42
updated March 2003
in use at: O'Brien's Eatery & Pub  Swizzles, & Barrymores
Library #9¾ updated March 2003
in use at: Village Inn Pub, The LookOut, Swizzles,

 Adobe Acrobat: Last Printing March 2003
Library #42 by Genre - actual print version (pdf)
Library #42 by Artist - actual print version (pdf)
Library #42 by Title - actual print version (pdf)

Download:  Adobe Acrobat: Last Printing March 2003
Library #9¾ by Artist - actual print version (pdf)
Library #9¾ by Title - actual print version (pdf)

Understanding Our song codes: (pdf version)


Sound at Swizzles
246 Queen St.

Tuesdays & Fridays 9pm-1am

DOG & PONYSound at O'Briens
1145 Heron Rd.
Fridays & Saturdays 9-1

2 Great Nights Back-to-Back!

[map]     [photos]

k St.

DOG & PONYSound at V.I.P.
313 Bank St.

Wednesdays 9pm-1am

Sadly, we have lost
Steven White,
Our darling "bumblebee"
on March 7th, 2003.

Bumblebee & The Dog

There will be a gathering at VIP,
313 Bank St.
Monday, March 10th
5:00-7:00 pm

 [map] [photos]

 41 York St.




Next Party: March 30th


DOG & PONY New Songs:

Remember We have 2 Great Libraries:

Library #42 is in use at:
O'Briens Eatery & Pub, Babylon Nightclub,                                               Swizzles, & Barrymores
Library #9¾ is in use at: Village Inn Pub,
The LookOut, Swizzles

  • We are working to continue to build both libraries.
    They have recently been updated!
    view libraries online

We're always getting new songs!

Be sure to check the BACK of the songbooks each week!

You can also check the new releases online to see if we've acquired your favorite tunes! If y

Singing Tips: Singing & Colds

To minimize the effect a cold has on the voice you’ve got to act quickly. Keep in mind that congestion, mucus, is what your body produces to flush out toxins. Over-the-counter medications (anti-histamines) dry up congestion but prohibit the necessary house cleaning. They also dry mucous membranes, like your vocal folds, which will cause you to lose your voice. So, reach for the decongestants as an absolute last resort.

If you have time, instead of squashing the symptoms, help speed up the cleanse. Flood yourself with water and real juices to thin the congestion, lubricate your folds and flush your body. The juice should be freshly squeezed in order to get the most benefit. The best types during a cold are Orange (vitamin C), Celery (retains fluids), Cucumber & Cranberry (cleans acid deposits) and Carrot (vitamin A). If you’re not into juices, take supplements. The water-based vitamins like C and B complex are the first to be depleted when you’re fighting a cold.

An important benefit of hydrating is that it may keep a cold from reaching your lungs. Throat clearing and coughing, which normally accompanies a cold, is very irritating to the vocal folds. The delicate membranes in and around the larynx become swollen and rigid, which is why your voice gets so deep and restricted. Inhaling steam will help loosen congestion in the lungs as well as soothe the vocal folds. Be careful when inhaling steam, you can burn your lips and nasal passages. Gargling with warm salt water will also help draw phlegm away from your larynx. (If the salt is collecting at the bottom of the glass, you’ve put in too much.) This is a good routine to get into daily, to clean and increase circulation of the mouth and throat. Teas, honey, or any other coating therapy may soothe soar muscles but will not heal the vocal folds.

Before singing, take a long hot shower and do some light stretching and exercising to get your blood circulating. To reduce the swelling and get singing again, you’ve got to vocalize (warm up). Low volume, barely audible, humming is a great way to start. Let your larynx choose the pitches. It’s better to stay with one single note (whichever is most comfortable) than to push or force the range. Allow plenty of time for your voice to loosen. Rushing the warm-up when you have a cold will greatly reduce the longevity of your voice and make conditions worse the next day.

Serving yer singin' fixes !

DOG & PONYSound show listings for March 2003:

  No dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during our shows!