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October 2002
DOG & PONYSound Newsletter

The Best of Ottawa Awards
recognize the people, places and things that make
the National Capital a great place to live.
& PONY Sound at O'Brien's - voted Best Karaoke!

Pub246 Re-Opens Thursday Oct. 31st!

Lot's of fun things to do this week!

The Earn Another Paw PARTY
was amazing!
20 new paws were earned on opening night!
DOG & PONY Pals http://www.dogandponysound//fun_photos_pals.htm

If you view an evening at the LONESTAR as a fabulous lineup of entertainment, groove along to 40 or more different singers and bask in the glory of singing 1 (maybe two) songs on a true stage for 100(s) of appreciative people, then you've got the right mindset for this venue!    The energy is terrific in this room!

Photos online:http://www.dogandponysound/fun_photos_lonestar.htm

DOG & PONY Sound Website Features:

We're always adding to our Website. As a result, it's grown kinda, well...big!
This month we've added a Site Map amongst the many other features.

  • Site Map for ease of navigation
  • Site Search - Find it on our Site fast
  • DOG & PONY & Pals Chat Room
  • DOG & PONY & Pals Message Board
  • LoneStar Map Page
  • LoneStar Photo Gallery
  • Request Newsletter - Signup Form
  • New Request Special Song Form
  • CSE Party @ O'Brien's Pics

Halloween Scaryoke Theme Party
Thursday Oct. 31st at Pub246

246 Queen St. 9pm-1am

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Prizes for best costumes!

Here are some of the great Rocky Horror songs available to sing

  • Dammit Janet 8122-02
    Eddie 8122-11
    Fanfare Don't Dream It 8122-14
    Hot Patootie Bless My Soul 8122-08
    I Can Make You A Man 8122-07
    I Can Make You A Man:Reprise 8122-09
    I'm Going Home 8122-16
    Over At The Frankenstein Place 8122-03
    Planet Sachmanet Janet 8122-12
    Rose Tint My World Floor Show 8122-13
    Science Fiction Double Feature 8122-01
    Science Fiction Double Feature:Reprise 8122-18
    Super Heroes 8122-17
    Sweet Transvestite 8122-05
    Sword Of Damocles 8122-06
    Time Warp 8122-04
    Touch A Touch A Touch Me 8122-10
    Wild And Untamed Thing 8122-15

Saturdays @ O'Brien's Eatery & Pub
1145 Heron Rd. 9pm-1am

Retro Dance Party
with Dj Doggie Dawg

Ease on down Amnesia Road
and groove to all the tunes
you forgot you knew you loved!


Elly is hosting Karaoke Wednesdays at VIP, 313 Bank St.

Starting mid-October, she will be co-hosting Sundays at Pub246, 246 Queen St. with Scotty.

We're proud to have handed a Bruce House representative
an envelope on Saturday September 28th
with $407.00 raised during the

Sing for
Bruce House


Thanks to all of our singers and patrons of Pub246 who have taken part.

Special thanks to Janice, Helené & Ken
who donated their entire winnings back to Bruce House!

Featured Singer of the Month:
Marcel Champagne

Marcel is much more than fun, talented and a pretty face...he's such a good sport! ...oh we COULD tell you stories... but it's much more fun to keep his sweety, Marie France guessing!

The Miss Adventures Pageant

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the LONESTAR for our opening show. Suddenly the master brake cylinder in the van went poof! Uh huh! Foot to the floor and NO BRAKES!

Even when we're unlucky, we're lucky. Just call us "Convergence Guy" & "Serendipity Chic". Just as the brakes went (rounding the corner Carling onto Bronson) there appeared on the right, a gravel circle big enough to pull into. So we did, hailed a cab, and got to the show on time! As luck would have it, we had set up for the show the night before!

Here's where we have to thank everyone who pulled for us:

Thanks to Susan and Biny (Mike) for loading up us and our gear into their truck and car after the show and depositing us safely back at the office. Thanks again to Biny for treating us to breakfast at 4am.

Thanks to Elly for lending us her coveted and much beloved truck until the van was fixed.

Thanks to Robbie (Rob Hale) our mobile mechanic, for fixing the van where it died!
Robbie can be found at the other end of 759-4812.

Microphone Tips:
"What's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin"

We invest a lot of money in high end equipment so help you sound your very best. Our microphones are no exception!

Our mics are EXTREMELY sensitive unidirectional instruments. They do not pick up surrounding sounds. They only pick up the direct stream of sound from your lips to the sensitive element inside the head.

Before singing, speak into the mic to test if it's on. We'll activate the mic levels for you. Please don't tap, bang or blow into the mic. That could break the sensitive element and they can cost a lot of money to replace.

It is important to hold the mic in front of your mouth at about a 90° angle a couple of inches from your mouth for best sound quality. Do not cup the head of the mic. This creates muffled distortion and often, severe feedback.

DO NOT put your lips on the mic EVER! It will make you sound YUCKY, MUSHY, BLURRY, MUFFLED, AND the your voice will become an amplified mess of BUZZ sounds! ack! We want you to sound your best!

*VERY IMPORTANT* Do Not swing the microphone by the cord!

It's great for Roger Daltry but he had miles of duct tape and his own mics.
Not only can this break the mic cord, the connector, and the mic element, but most importantly, the microphone can easily fly off & hit someone (leaving a bloody mess to clean up, and that would be bad).

What's the Deal With the Envelopes?

We have a box we keep at the mixer containing envelopes like the one seen here:

The envelopes bear the names of our regular singers and are filled with songs they sing and might like to sing.


Because it saves you time. You don't have to write numbers out each time and can get your 1st song up quicker.

Because it saves important information such as the version of the song you prefer, as well as pitch settings that work for you.

Because you can save your "someday I'm gonna try this one" songs for that someday.

...and maybe - we'll save a tree in the process.

Yes it's a little more work for us - but we feel you're worth it.

Find your envelope when you arrive at the venue. Choose 1-3 songs you'd like to do and hand the songslips AND the envelope to the host. That way, when the songs have been sung, they can be put right back into the envelope for next time.

Remember   We have 2 Libraries:
Library #42 is in use at:
Pub 246 , O'Briens Eatery & Pub & LoneStar Café
Library #9¾ is in use at: VIP & Traders On Tap

We're always getting new songs!
Make sure to check the new releases online to see if we've acquired your favorite tunes.

If you don`t see your favorite song in our library, ask us to look for it for you.

Special Thanks to Scotty for generously donating these to Library #42:
Bizarre Love Triangle -New Order 8198-01
Crucify -Tori Amos 8198-04
Down -311 8198-11
Everlong -Foo Fighters 8198-10
Gotta Get Away -Offspring 8198-09
I Alone -Live 8198-05
In Bloom -Nirvana 8198-12
Into Your Arms -Lemonheads 8198-13
Jealous Again -Black Crowes 8198-03
Kiss Them For Me -Siouxsie & Banshees 8198-14
Little Things -Bush 8198-06
Love Rears Its Ugly Head -Living Color 8198-15
More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get -Morrissey 8198-08
Mysterious Ways -U2 8198-02
Superman's Dead -Our Lady Peace 8198-07

I Dreamed A Dream Les Miserables 1150-08
Castle On A Cloud Les Miserables 1150-09
Master Of The House Les Miserables 1150-10
Stars Les Miserables 1150-11
On My Own Les Miserables 1150-12
Bring Him Home Les Miserables 1150-13
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables Les Miserables 1150-14

DOG & PONYSound show listings for Oct. 2002:

  • Wed: LoneStar Café & Dance Hall 1211 Lemieux St.8pm-12am w/Dog & Pony!
  • Wed: VIP, Village Inn Pub 313 Bank St. 9pm-1am w/Elly!
  • Thurs: Pub 246, 246 Queen St .9pm -1am w/Dog & Pony!
  • Fri: O'Brien's Eatery & Pub, 1145 Heron Rd. 9-1 w/Dog & Pony!
  • Sat:Pub 246, 246 Queen St. 9pm -1am w/Dog & Pony!
  • Sun: Pub 246, 9pm -1am * soon to be hosted by Elly & Scotty
  • Sat: O'Brien's Eatery & Pub 1145 Heron Rd. Retro Dance Party 9pm-1

No dogs or ponies have ever been harmed during our show.