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November 2002 DOG & PONYSound Newsletter

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Lot's of fun things to do this week!


we will keep you posted!l


Saturday November 2, 2002
Crimson Clover Pub
221 Rideau St.

A Success! See photos Online

313 Bank St.

Magical Mystery Draw

One winner can choose from 3 mystery envelopes
(one will always hold $50).

Every Wednesday

Buy a chance to win by donating to Bruce House

Sing For

V.I.P. and DOG & PONY Sound
Every Wednesday at Village Inn Pub

The Best of Ottawa Awards

& PONY Sound at O'Brien's - #1 Best Karaoke!
Thank You Ottawa!

Wednesdays 8pm-midnight
across from St. Laurent shopping centre

Newest DOG & PONY Sound Website Additions:

In an effort to provide a fun place for our friends to meet, chat, and share thoughts, ideas, stories & photos, we've created a new online community...

Message Board
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Outta Sight!
Saturdays @
O'Brien's Eatery & Pub
1145 Heron Rd. 9pm-1am

Retro Dance Party
with Dj Dog

Ease on down Amnesia Road
and groove to all the tunes
you forgot you knew you loved!


is hosting Karaoke Every Wednesday at VIP.
Win Prizes Every Week!

  • She will be co-hosting Sundays at Pub246 with Scotty in November.

While we were out of town:

Scotty did a great job hosting the show at O'Brien's...


....and Elly hosted a private funtion at City Hall for

the World March of Women

The Make A Wish Foundation Charity Benefit
Saturday November 2nd at
Crimson Clover Pub, 221 Rideau St.
Was a Huge Success!

Christopher had a fabulous time
hosting the Open House for

  • Remember We have 2 Libraries:

    Library #42 is in use at:
    Pub 246 , O'Briens Eatery & Pub & LONESTAR
    Library #9¾ is in use at: VIP & Traders On Tap
  • We are working to continue to build both libraries.
    view libraries online: [click]

We're always getting new songs!
Make sure to check the new releases frequently to see if we've acquired your favorite tunes.

We add another couple of hundred songs every month:

Among the New October Tunes are:
Adam's Song -for Andrew (42)
Alone in the Universe - for Andrew (42)
Black, Black Heart for Mo & Andrew (42)
Bring Me Some Water - for Mo (42)
Hey You - for Marcel (42)
Insatiable - for David (42)
Save Me/Remy Zero- Andrew (42)
Walk Of Life - for Marcel (42) & (9¾)
    see all the newest songs here: [click]

Among the New September Tunes are:
Bad Day - Fuel -for Neal (42)
Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies - for Scotty (42)
Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye- for Scotty (42)
Sorrow - David Bowie - for Killer (42)
Rent Broadway Songs - for Delaney (42)
New Order for Ian

Among the New August Tunes are:
Ballroom Blitz - Sweet -for Grant (9¾)
Smoke On the Water Deep Purple - for Grant
She's No Lady - for Gerry
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses
Cult Of Personality - Living Colour - for Marcel (9¾)
Dentist (Little Shop) for Neal
Old Country- Mark Chesnutt -for Bernie
(9¾ & 42)
I Go To Rio - Peter Allen - for Adam
(9¾ & 42)
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - R.Stewart - for Stephan (9¾ & 42)
Maggie Mae - Rod Stewart - for Stephan (9¾ & 42)
Modern Major General - Pirates of Penzance - Chris
Hard To Say - Dan Fogelberg - for Tony (42)
4AM - Our Lady Peace -for Neal
Complicated - Carolyn Dawn Johnson -for Elly
Crush - Jennifer Paige -for Shelly
I'm Already There - Lonestar -for Ross
Laredo - Chris Cagle- for Dave
Love Boat TV theme -for Adam
Grease tunes for Kris & Rick
Movin On Up - Jefferson's TV theme -for Brigitte
One Night In Bangkok - for Helene & Janice
Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace -for Dave
You Spin Me Round - Dead or Alive -for Kevin
Blue Rodeo Songs for Marcel & Mikey(9¾)

Ask us to look for your favorite tunes if you don't see them in our song libraries: [request special songs]

Book NOW for Christmas!

We have limited dates available for those special events:
Birthdays, House Parties, Backyard Parties, Charities, etc.

have DOG & PONY host a party at
your favorite venue!

Simply give the venue our number to arrange for the entertainment. 820-2600

Karaoke Fun! Singing TipsMicrophone Tips: Mic Technique 101
"What's the buzz, tell me what's a happenin"

We invest a lot of money in high end equipment
to help you sound your very best.
Our microphones are no exception!

Our mics are EXTREMELY sensitive unidirectional instruments. They do not pick up surrounding sounds. They only pick up the direct stream of sound from your lips to the sensitive element inside the head.

Before singing, speak into the mic to test if it's on. We'll activate the mic and adjust the levels for you.

Please don't tap, bang or blow into the mic. That could damage the sensitive element and they can cost a lot of money to replace.

It is important to hold the mic in front of your mouth at about a 90° angle a couple of inches and slightly to the side of from your mouth for best sound quality. Do not cup the head of the mic. This creates muffled distortion and often, severe feedback.

DO NOT put your lips on the mic EVER! It will make you sound YUCKY, MUSHY, BLURRY, MUFFLED, AND the your voice will become an amplified mess of BUZZ sounds! ack! We want you to sound your best! Hold the mic and inch or two from your mouth and we will give you all the volume you need to sound your best. If you hold the mic to your lips, we are forced to turn the mic down because of the awful buzzing noises this creates.

Serving yer singin' fixes !

Sound show listings for Nov. 2002:

  • Wed: LoneStar Café & Dance Hall 1211 Lemieux St.(across from St. Laurent) 8pm-12am w/Dog & Pony!
  • Wed: VIP, Village Inn Pub 313 Bank St. 9pm-1am w/Elly!
  • Thurs: Pub 246, 246 Queen St .9pm -1am w/Dog & Pony! [closed until further notice]
  • Fri: O'Brien's Eatery & Pub, 1145 Heron Rd. 9-1 w/Dog & Pony!
  • Sat:Pub 246, 246 Queen St. 9pm -1am w/Dog & Pony! [closed until further notice]
  • Sun: Pub 246, 9pm -1am [closed until further notice]
Serving yer dancin' fixes !

Saturdays - Retro Dance Party O'Brien's Eatery & Pub 1145 Heron Rd. 10pm-2am