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A Morning Ottawa
DOG & PONY Sound is a team of professional sound reinforcement technicians with excellent party skills.

We offer much more than just a 'karaoke machine'. We use quality mixing boards, compressor/ limiters on all mics, great mics and cables, vocal effects processors, kickin' amplifiers, sizzlin' speakers, self powered floor monitors, additional sub woofers, feedback destroyers and dj bumper music.. karaoke machine

Our sound systems are powerful enough for live bands to patch into and have been the awe of many a professional house dj.

With full stage lighting effects, quality sound engineering, and a rockin' backup band in the form of karaoke backing tracks, every singer in the house gets the full "star" treatment.

We continuely monitor, adjust, and mix mic levels and sound quality for each individual singer to ensure everyone sounds their very best!

We worry about quality so you don't have to.

And we offer many song titles to choose from. Our song libraries contain over 36,000 professional backing tracks for your enjoyment.

A Message From Our D.O.G.

dogOn why we chose (yes, chose) karaoke as our livelihood and our profession:

Danni (aka Pony) & I do this to feed our family.
There are easier ways to get food money, with 'normal' hours and weekends free.

So of course there are other reasons.

Danni &I do this because we love music.
It's not just that we love our music. We love the idea of music, what it can do as a cathartic release; the expression of joy, pain, love, or just silly fun.

Danni & I do this to raise the bar.
It's not just about raising the level of acceptable karaoke. It's also about pushing limits, doing more, setting a new goal, nearly achieving it and then moving the goal-post.

Danni & I do this because we can.
We have the skills between us to make it work. Neither one of us could do it alone, but together, with our complimentary skill-set, and the "one brain shared" thing we can accomplish all of the necessary tasks without *jobbing things out. I can build equipment cases and wire electronics; she can build anything on a computer. My A.D.D. is balanced by her determination.

For myself... my biggest thrill, my 'shmoopiest' moments almost always involve people overcoming something: exceeding their own expectations, getting past the fear, selfless acts, doing the 'right' thing in spite of the cost.
Hosting karaoke, training hosts, making and being a friend allows me to be helpful. So many pals have invited me to assist them in reaching a new level of comfort. Sometimes it's a new song, sometimes something huge. You trust me/us with your fears, believe in the safety net we've built, and try something new. Most everybody wants to leave a mark, make a difference in another person's life. You often invite us to do just that. Know that the respect and trust is mutual. I am very proud of the community we have all built together.

This is why I love my job, my life and our pals!

xoxo Christopher (aka Dog)


A Message From Our P.O.N.Y

Karaoke has been the natural marriage of our combined interests and skill sets. Throughout our lives we've both been drawn towards "the humanities" and have built our business on a shared love of music and people.

We're blessed to love what we do and we're proud to say "we do it well".

xoxo Danni (aka Pony)

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